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The long lines of cars on Dairy Ashford and Fern Street adjacent to the Tully Stadium this week, in advance of the distribution of paper versions SBISD Digital Backpack, were a testament to the devotion and dedication of SBISD parents and students to just keep on learning during the COVID-19 crisis. 

When the operations to distribute lesson packets for grades K-5 got underway, no families in cars (and even a motorcycle!) waited more than about 15 minutes to get through the line thanks to the friendly, hands-on (with gloves!) help of SBISD Athletics and Academics personnel.

Grateful and relieved seemed to be the emotions most evident on the faces of the hundreds of parents, grandparents and students who arrived to get learning materials.

A steady chorus of “thank y’all so much for doing this” echoed down the constantly flowing distribution line at Tully Stadium all morning.

Inside the hundreds of grade-level packets were two-weeks of lessons in the core content areas (paper versions of the lessons posted online), two pencils and a spiral notebook.

Lessons for all grade levels are also available on the SBISD Digital Backpack webpage. Middle and high school students can access lessons and connect with teachers via the online learning platform, itslearning. None of the at-home lessons will be graded, but will be essential in continuing to grow our students’ Limitless Curiosity.

“I am so proud of the district for doing this for our families,” said Uyen Tieu, director of the multilingual dept. “The materials are well designed and will be helpful to so many families.”

Links to lessons for students needing targeted instruction or resources for special education and dyslexia are located in the Resources section of the Digital Backpack website.

Additionally, guidance for managing learning online and at home is provided in this helpful document. Many teachers have reached out to their students to offer additional support.

If students or parents need to contact a teacher, go to the About section on the campus’ website, and look on the Staff (A-Z) page to find an email address.

One of the tenets of Collective Greatness (an SBISD Core Value) is, “Together We’re Better.” As the SBISD family has learned from past hurdles, we know that pulling together for the good of Every Child strengthens our community one ripple at a time.





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