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Pine Shadows Elementary Principal Chris Winstead (center) and PSE Assistant Principals Barbara Dunn and Natasha Patel


Putting bling on a crisis

Leaders and staff from Pine Shadows Elementary found a fun way to celebrate and to stand out in any crowd – purple outfits, purple pompoms, purple sequins and affordable bling – while helping to distribute paper versions of the Spring Branch ISD Digital Backpack lessons on a bright sunny day this week that took place at Edgewood Elementary.

The three-person team of Principal Winstead and Assistant Principals Dunn and Patel formed a packet pick-up location – 6 feet apart – like no other at the campus. The three say there was both a happy and serious reaction among families they saw through open car or SUV windows.

“The packets really do have everything that our students will need for the next two weeks,” Dunn said. “The parents have been so grateful, and so many were telling us to be careful and to take care.”

The quickly announced packet distribution, which ran smoothly at Edgewood, is an example of SBISD’s core values in action, Dunn and Winstead said. One called the packet pickup event a sorely needed “10-second connection.”

“I think it shows how tight a community Spring Branch ISD really is. People just wanted to see us and see our faces,” Patel said. Student testing like the STAAR, among other annual spring school events, is cancelled. 

“Today, of all days,” Patel adds, “shows how important relationships are.” And that’s especially true if you are shaking a pompom at a carload of smiling kids.


NOTE: Additional copies of the K-5 lesson packets distributed on Tuesday, Mar. 24 will be available for pickup on Friday, Mar. 25. Read more here.

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