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SBISD celebrates diversity with #CollectiveGreatness
A profile of Buffalo Creek Principal Carrmilla Young
Carrmilla Young is in her first year as a principal at Buffalo Creek Elementary and her first year of working for Spring Branch ISD. She started as an early childhood teacher in Austin, which had a profound effect on the way she approaches students' learning, growth and development. She's served in assistant principal and principal roles, as well as a superintendent of a charter school system. Young said that she cares deeply about the kids, families, and communities she serves and believes that her role as principal is to make sure that the school provides a safe, fun and challenging experience that will prepare students for success.
What does Collective Greatness mean to you?
Young: Collective greatness means we are better together. Everyone matters. Everyone’s role is important. Everyone has stake in accomplishing a common goal. SBISD is a district blessed with immensely talented individuals, and when we leverage our unique skills, talents and experiences we create a greater educational experience for us all.
What role model has made the most impact on your career, and how have you tried to pay it forward to be an example to others?
Young: I’ve always been highly independent with a creative streak. While I relish these attributes now, there have been many times throughout my career that I’ve been expected to assimilate to the norm. A former supervisor encouraged me to not be concerned with thinking outside of the box and to in fact throw the box away! My creative genius was set free, and I’ve worked every day since to pay it forward. I encourage my students to dream BIG dreams and set big goals for themselves. I encourage my teachers to innovate, take risks, and maximize their professional expertise. I also work to serve as a creative outlet for the community through my non-profit work.
Follow the #CollectiveGreatness series throughout the month of February to celebrate Black History Month. Be sure to also look for it to be a source of inspiration and recognition for SBISD employees and students throughout the year. The #CollectiveGreatness series will celebrate a variety of cultures, heritages, organizations and diversity groups that make SBISD so great.
What does Collective Greatness mean? We will surpass expectations. Everyone’s work matters. Diversity makes us stronger.
Learn more about SBISD’s Core Values here: