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SBISD celebrates diversity with #CollectiveGreatness
A profile of Spring Branch Middle Coach and Teacher Stephen Turner
Stephen Turner’s story demonstrates how Spring Branch ISD’s lifelong commitment to Every Child and Collective Greatness can shape the trajectory of a student’s life. He recalled a tough stretch during his freshman year at Northbrook High School, in which his father moved to another state and he had uncertainties in his life.
His behavior began to spiral downward, and he ended up in the principal’s office. He met administrators Jennifer Parker and LaVerie Wise, who committed themselves to ensuring his academic and personal success throughout his time at Northbrook. He said their teamwork and devotion was collective greatness personified.
What does Collective Greatness mean to you?
Turner: Collective Greatness means to take an all-in approach towards working together to accomplish or achieve common goals. Helen Keller once said, “alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” I believe Collective greatness resides in SBISD, and I say that with confidence. I’ve experienced it firsthand as a former SBISD student and now as a current teacher. It’s been an absolute honor and privilege to be on both ends of the spectrum.
What role model has made the most impact on your career, and how have you tried to pay it forward to be an example to others?
Turner: I honor my mother for making the most impact on my career in education. Growing up I knew early that I would be involved in education system. My Mother always pressed upon my brother and I the extreme importance of education, and she was very clear when she felt the need to remind us of that! I always admired my mother’s love for education and learning. She would always tell us that reading and writing were essential parts to forming a sound education and that we should never take them for granted… My mother would always say, “once you understand something, it becomes your job to teach it to others.” That statement has always stuck with me, and now that I’m in the field of education, it’s become my approach to how I pay it forward. 
Follow the #CollectiveGreatness series throughout the month of February to celebrate Black History Month. Be sure to also look for it to be a source of inspiration and recognition for SBISD employees and students throughout the year. The #CollectiveGreatness series will celebrate a variety of cultures, heritages, organizations and diversity groups that make SBISD so great.
What does Collective Greatness mean? We will surpass expectations. Everyone’s work matters. Diversity makes us stronger.
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