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SBISD celebrates diversity with #CollectiveGreatness
A profile of Stratford Principal Raymorris Barnes
Raymorris Barnes was recently named the Spring Branch ISD Secondary Principal of the Year for his diligent work at Stratford High School. He also laid the groundwork for Spring Forest Middle School’s success as an innovative principal. He credits his success to embracing and learning from every opportunity at SBISD. He said his time at Northbrook High School serving as an assistant principal and a mentor for students shaped his career. The Rice University graduate and former student athlete knows that teamwork and collective greatness go hand-in-hand.
What does Collective Greatness mean to you?
Barnes: It means the greatness of our students, staff, and district is not left up to the greatness of one individual.  It is the collective efforts of all, that bring out our best.
What role model has made the most impact on your career, and how have you tried to pay it forward to be an example to others?
Barnes: Randolph Adami gave me my first job in administration at Northbrook High School.  He demonstrated professionalism, structure, and fairness for all students and staff.  I made a promise to him that if given the opportunity, I would work hard to support all students and staff while upholding his vision for our campus.  He gave me that chance in 2011 and since then, each day I try to honor my commitment to him by leading the students and staff of Stratford High School with that same commitment and devotion.  I am honored to have worked for him and alongside him.
Follow the #CollectiveGreatness series throughout the month of February to celebrate Black History Month. Be sure to also look for it to be a source of inspiration and recognition for SBISD employees and students throughout the year. The #CollectiveGreatness series will celebrate a variety of cultures, heritages, organizations and diversity groups that make SBISD so great.
What does Collective Greatness mean? We will surpass expectations. Everyone’s work matters. Diversity makes us stronger.
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