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SBISD celebrates diversity with #CollectiveGreatness
A profile of Westwood Elementary Asst. Principal Angelique Moulton
Angelique Moulton has spent her entire SBISD career at Westwood Elementary serving students since 2008. She started off as a special education resource and showed innovation as an instructional specialist with a focus on instructional technology. She’s earned the respect of her peers and she shines as an assistant principal in her dedication to Every Child.  
What does Collective Greatness mean to you?
Moulton: Working with a team approach and achieving goals together makes the celebration so much grander than individual successes. Who wants to celebrate their accomplishments alone? Collective Greatness is the purposeful decisions, ideas and actions of team members to use their individual strengths and gifts to work together to achieve greatly. Tom Brady might be the G.O.A.T., but he did not achieve that status alone. He surrounded himself with the right people, people of purpose, and achieved greatly, winning seven super bowls.
What role model has made the most impact on your career, and how have you tried to pay it forward to be an example to others?
Moulton: My career is an interesting tale. Education is my second career. I must acknowledge that I have had the privilege of working with many great role models on campus and throughout the district. The role models with the greatest impact have been those who afforded me the opportunity to learn alongside of them. My campus principal has made the most impact on my leadership. She saw leadership in me long before I accepted the charge.  She nurtured that spirit by allowing me to observe, participate, and mingle with other great leaders making decisions for the greater good of young learners. Through her, I have learned to pay it forward by not only leading well, but making every effort to develop better leaders than myself. I have learned that we all lead from our own perspectives and your leadership is judged by the leaders that come after you. I am doing my best to influence those who will lead beyond my days.
Follow the #CollectiveGreatness series throughout the month of February to celebrate Black History Month. Be sure to also look for it to be a source of inspiration and recognition for SBISD employees and students throughout the year. The #CollectiveGreatness series will celebrate a variety of cultures, heritages, organizations and diversity groups that make SBISD so great.
What does Collective Greatness mean? We will surpass expectations. Everyone’s work matters. Diversity makes us stronger.
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