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For 31 years, SBISD has conducted a Mini-Grants for Educators program. Over twenty years ago, the Robert and Janice McNair Foundation created a permanent program endowment in memory of  J. Landon Short, a lifelong education advocate and SBISD patron.

This year, SBISD educators submitted 67 applications! Each application was reviewed by at least two members of a review committee of SBISD staff, partners and program sponsors, using a blind judging process.

Congratulations to our highest scoring 52 exceptional applications submitted by educators from 31 SBISD campuses!  Thank you to our partners whose generous funding in excess of $25,000 made these mini-grants possible!  We so appreciate our partners’ support of educators and innovation in SBISD! #CollectiveGreatness!

Please join us in congratulating these innovative Mini-Grant Winners:

First Name Last Name School Grant Title
Katherine Aitken CBE Document Camera to Teach.
Marianna Vergult CSA One Book, One School
Iliana Hernandez EWE Story Baskets
Hilari Vaquiz EWE Differentiated Literacy Stations
Heather Bothe FWE Stock Market Game for 5th Grade
Yolanda Matthews-Porter Guthrie COVID Cosmetology
Lauren Rivera HBE Sanitary Instrument Kits
Amy Griffith HSE Conexión Inglés Español ("English Spanish Connection")
Jessica Murphy HCE High Interest Books for Everyone!
Margaret Railey HCE Math manipulatives
Keenan Chiasson LMS Costuming Vision
Lucia Flores LMS Facilitating Technology
Christopher McVay LMS Audio for All
Ami Rapp MWE Science Outreach Projects
Madeline Margraves MMS Creating Focus Pods in the Classroom
Juan Gomez NHS Blended Instruction Through Edpuzzle
Jennifer Stuart NHS Online Magazine for Reluctant Readers
Jamal Washington NMS Tune Us Up!
Julie Campbell NHE Literacy in the Park
Jeanette Choy NHE Rise and Shine! It's Reading Time
Anita Joshi NHE Personalized Learning for curious minds!
Meg Maguire NHE Windows and Mirrors For All
Stacey Zubair NHE Celebrating diversity one doll pin at a time!
Silvia Sanchez PPS All About Dinosaurs, Vertebrates and Arthropods
Kiara Araujo PSE Mrs. Araujo's TWDL Classroom
Maria Elena Gutierrez PSE Authentic Spanish Books para Cada Estudiante
Erika Rios PSE Two way dual language
Whitney Tolleson PSE Math and Science Digital Centers
Ryan Ferrugia RGE A "Snapshot" Into the Future of Education
Amanda Bird RCE APPLE supplies
Theresa Trevino RCE #CollectiveGreatness
Romelia Jimenez-Garza SWE AIM: Always Improving Math!
Sally Craddock SBAI VR Goggle and Go!
Kayman McIver SBAI Pathways to Professions
Juan SuarezOrtiz SBE STEM Program
Sara Boyle SBMS Journalism Camps for Future Leaders
Heather Clary SFMS Relaxing the Brain Through Quilting and Sewing
Lindsay Ripley SFMS Promoting Creative Expression through Art Making
Christian Rice SOMS Creating a Data-Driven Virtual Enrichment Experience for All Kids
Jenny Roberts SOMS Yoga and Meditation in the Middle School Library
Christine Cutler SWHS Find Your Light - Storytelling through Light Models
Christopher Weeden SHS Digital Integration in Visual Arts
Chris Yancey SHS Color Guard Costuming project
Maria Aceves TCE eBooks for Everyone!
Angela Alexander ( Smith) TCE Elementary Student Support Program
Arlene Buckingham TWE More Books For Students
Frances Martinez TFE Taking Total Physical Response to a New Level
Elizabeth Burling WCE Butterfly in the Sky, I can go twice as high!
Teresa Dolan WCE Keeping our Creativity Near(pod) us while we build Blox(els) of Understanding!
Casey Poche WCE Learning that is Virtually the Best
Stephanie Walton WCE Kindness Calls All
Shannon Caesar WVE Black History