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Creative Red Ribbon Week activities bring important health and safety messages to students



Crazy, colorful and themed outfits were seen in the hallways of many Spring Branch ISD schools this week, worn to promote the National Red Ribbon Campaign that encourages students to make healthy choices and live drug-free. 

Schools planned creative themes for each day of Red Ribbon Week (Oct. 25-29) so students and staff could dress up to show their support of the campaign’s messages about drug prevention, healthy food choices, avoiding harmful social media,  and other issues. 

A few examples of the themes found around the district this week are:

  • My Character Counts: students and staff dressed up like their favorite book characters
  • Drug Free Looks Like Me: wore red to kick off Red Ribbon Week
  • Sock it to Drugs: crazy socks were the attire of the day
  • Hats Off to a Healthy Life Style: creative and funny hats were seen around Shadow Oaks Elementary
  • Raiders are Too Smart for Drugs: teachers and students at Northbrook High School dressed like nerds
  • Your Future is So Bright: Wilchester Elementary staff and students wore neon clothing
  • I’m Too Fancy for Drugs: staff and students dressed up in their classiest clothes
  • Team Up Against Drugs: lots of team shirts, hats, socks and more were worn at Spring Forest Middle School.

Reinforcing the health-driven messages of Red Ribbon Week contributes to the growth of the Core Characteristics of a T-2-4 Ready Graduate, which are a set of aspirations Spring Branch ISD has for who we want our students to become.

To view the full Red Ribbon Week photo gallery, visit https://bit.ly/3CoOeGl.