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CTE internships prepare students for T-2-4 success



While choosing classes for her senior year at Memorial High, Ellen Baik was unsure whether to take Tina Miller’s Internships class. This class allows students to participate in a learning experience that combines classroom instruction with paid business and industry employment. 

After speaking with Ms. Miller, Ellen decided to “take a chance” and enrolled in the class. She notes that it was one of the best decisions she has made for her career, as she is now interning as a research assistant at MD Anderson Cancer Center. 

“This internship has taught me a lot! I have not only learned about the research process, but have also built relationships, which have developed my collaboration skills,” said Ellen. “The research field can be competitive and having this experience this early on puts me at an advantage.” 

Through her internship, Ellen has also developed her leadership skills. She hopes to major in biomedical engineering in college and notes that being a research assistant has helped her make important decisions about her future. 

See why Ellen now feels prepared for college: 

CTE Intern: I feel prepared for college. from SBISD on Vimeo.

The class is part of Spring Branch ISD’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) programming. It aims to prepare students with various skills to reach SBISD’s T-2-4 vision, where every graduate attains a technical certificate, military training, or a two-year or four-year degree. 

Students actively attend their internship during the course, explore different units, including employability skills and financial and budgeting activities, and create their digital portfolio. 

“In this course, students develop a portfolio that includes their resume, memberships, professional projects, letters of recommendation and their awards,” said Miller. “By the time they leave this class, they have a place to showcase their work and share their expertise with others.” 

Jojo Olagues, a senior at Stratford High, notes that taking this class and creating a portfolio has been an amazing opportunity. She is an intern at the Houston Neuroscience Brain Center, where she collaborates with various professionals. Jojo mentions that she has learned much from the people she works with, which has helped her become more confident. 

Jojo first heard about the class from a friend, which inspired her to learn more about it and eventually enroll. 

“I would advise everyone to take this class!” said Jojo. “It has been a great experience that has helped me grow my confidence and discover what career path I want to take.” 

Watch why Jojo is excited about the course: 

CTE Interns: It's been a resume builder. from SBISD on Vimeo.

CTE is the bridge that connects students’ academic and technical education to the world of work. SBISD’s CTE program aims to expose and explore students’ academic and career interests, provide them with opportunities to experience their future options, and prepare them to execute a postsecondary plan. 

CTE offers a variety of pathways for students, including Architecture and Construction, Health Science, Hospitality and Tourism, Law and Public Service and more. Through these pathways, students apply the content they have learned in the classroom to real-world situations. 

As a junior at Stratford High, Tatum Mayrie was ready to take on more responsibility and further develop her skills. 

Tatum is an intern at Houston Specialty Clinic, a neurology and pulmonology pediatric clinic, where she has a variety of roles, including assisting customers. She notes that she has enjoyed her position as she has more responsibilities and manages her schedule. 

“I wanted to make a smooth transition into the adult world and I have!” said Tatum. “Everyone I have worked with has been extremely helpful and I have learned to work collaboratively with other professionals.” 

Tatum advises everyone, whether they know what they want to do post-graduation, to take the course and explore different careers. She mentions that it will only help them in the future. 

See why Tatum is excited to explore careers through her internship: 

CTE Interns: It's helped me get into the workforce. from SBISD on Vimeo.

Anna Kovacs was sure she wanted to pursue a career in physical therapy. Still, since starting her internship at Memorial Village Physical Therapy, she has realized that she wants to explore other pathways within medicine. 

“It has been beneficial to do a trial run because I’m not spending the time, money and energy that I would be spending in college if I had chosen this path after graduating high school,” said Anna. “This internship has also helped me develop social and customer service skills. It has allowed me to explore the corporate world and helped me see how different it is from high school.” 

Watch why Anna details her experience as “magical:” 

CTE Interns: I like the people I work with. from SBISD on Vimeo.

This year, about 40 students are discovering their passions through their internships. Miller notes that everyone should consider taking her class as it equips them with the tools to succeed in college and beyond. 

“We are committed to ensuring our students successfully complete some form of higher education. This course allows them to explore opportunities so they can be better prepared when they graduate,” concluded Miller. “Our students are superstars and I’m excited to see the milestones they reach.” 

The internship course is open to all SBISD high school students who meet the requirements. For questions about the course, contact Tina Miller at tina.miller@springbranchisd.com