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Deisy Cadena: Ensuring clean and safe learning environments to help students succeed


Throughout Spring Branch Independent School District (SBISD), some unsung heroes, including law enforcement officers, registrars and custodians, work diligently behind the scenes, ensuring that each school throughout the district runs smoothly.

Deisy Cadena is one such individual who recently stepped into the role of custodial supervisor, bringing with her a love of children and a passion for education.

Serving in a critical role 

One of three custodial supervisors throughout SBISD, Deisy oversees the custodial operations across 17 campuses. Her role, and that of her team, are pivotal in ensuring that these education spaces are clean and well-maintained and function for students, teachers, and staff who occupy them daily.

"One of the most important aspects of my job and that of anyone in custodial services is to reduce the risk of illness for all those who enter the school building, especially students, teachers and staff," said Deisy.

Deisy's team also helps keep students and teachers safe. For example, if someone spills something or a lightbulb is shattered on the floor and isn't cleaned up promptly, it poses a significant risk of getting hurt. Deisy and her team take great pride in their work, ensuring that classrooms, hallways, and other areas of the schools they oversee are well-maintained so they are places where learning can effectively take place.

Finding a new home 

Before Deisy decided to pursue a career in education, she spent five years as a trainer in a rehabilitation center. While she found this work rewarding, she wanted and needed to find a way to be closer to her son during the day.

"For a time, I felt like my son would benefit from me working in the same environment where he attended school," said Deisy. "So, I looked into options and found a job working on the custodial team. It was a blessing to be able to work in the same place as my son attended school and was a huge help to our family."

After spending 10 years in a larger school district, she found her way to SBISD this past summer. Even though it's a 40-minute commute from her home every day, she couldn't be happier with the change. She says she feels right at home in SBISD and thoroughly enjoys the working environment.

"Because the district is smaller, there is less stress. The district size has also allowed me to make more personalized connections, resulting in a more supportive and collaborative work environment," said Deisy. "Teachers, staff, administrators, and students alike have been extremely polite and welcoming, creating a positive atmosphere that suits me well," she said.

All in a day's work 

On any given day, you can find Deisy walking her assigned campuses and meeting with their principals, ensuring they have everything they need to provide an optimal environment for learning. Deisy also regularly meets with her custodial team to ensure they have all the necessary resources to maintain cleanliness and functionality. When she's not out and about visiting her schools for which she is responsible, she's interviewing and hiring for her team, and generating other essential reports to keep custodial operations running like clockwork. 

As a custodial supervisor, she doesn't interact with the students. Still, it is evident just by speaking to her that she is dedicated to creating a positive environment for students by providing well-maintained and functional spaces for them to thrive academically. Because she is a mother, she understands the importance of providing an optimal learning environment.

"We take care of the maintenance needs so teachers and students can focus on the most important thing: education," said Deisy.

Investing in students and herself 

Deisy says that among the observations she had made during her short time in SBISD, regardless of their role, everyone is invested in helping students receive a top-quality education.

"While our team does not interact directly with students, it's easy to tell that students are at the heart of everything the district does, and what is best for the child drives every decision," said Deisy.

Deisy takes great pride in her job and finds it immensely rewarding. She hopes to continue to grow within her current role and is open to any challenge that may come her way at SBISD in the future.

"I'm still learning and will always be open to doing so," she said.

When she is not working, Deisy enjoys spending time outside her professional life with her children, ages 22, 12and 13. Her experience as a mother has undoubtedly contributed to her passion for ensuring safe and clean educational environments for all children. She is also an avid reader and likes to explore the hidden gems of our vibrant city. 

As Deisy continues to navigate her journey in SBISD, her story serves as a reminder of those whose work may not always be visible but is instrumental in creating positive learning environments for students throughout the district. Because of individuals like Deisy, the foundation for academic achievement is strengthened, and the path for students to succeed is much smoother. 

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