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Duke University Talent Search Spotlights Gifted Students

The Duke University Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP) tested qualifying seventh-grade students in Spring Branch ISD earlier this year to help our gifted students and families discover abilities, explore fresh academic challenges and celebrate accomplishments.

In all, 160 district students were tested this year.

As a result, 13 seventh-grade students earned Grand Recognition status under Duke TIP for high performance on the ACT or SAT. Next spring, Duke University will sponsor a Grand Recognition Ceremony for students with such high scores. Students at this level have achieved scores equal to the 90th national percentile rank for college-bound seniors in at least one subject.
State Recognition, another top status, was awarded to 76 SBISD seventh-grade students whose scores were equal to the 50th national percentile ranks for the college-bound seniors taking the same test.
In addition, 127 students who tested qualified for Duke TIP’s eStudies program; 50 qualified for the Academy for Summer Studies; and 48 students qualified for the related Center for Summer Studies.
“Spring Branch ISD supports a variety of academically talented students through its program and course offerings, and is ready to serve the highly gifted through special campuses like the Spring Branch Academic Institute (SBAI),” said Pamela Johnson, district director for Advanced Academic Studies.
“Under the district’s Gifted and Talented (GT) and Advanced Academics Studies, we are committed to keeping all identified students both engaged and enriched through a variety of learning options. Duke TIP shows that many students live in our neighborhoods and attend our schools,” she also said.
The first Duke Talent search took place in 1980. Thousands of new students have enrolled nationally each year. Students who qualify for Duke TIP show high-level aptitude on grade-level assessments, allowing them to take a PSAT and ACT test.