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Every pre-K student in Spring Branch ISD to receive take-home reading resources

Houston Hearts mother-daughter volunteers stuff 2,000+ book bags for
Spring Branch ISD prekindergarten students


When school starts August 16, every three- and four-year-old prekindergarten student in Spring Branch ISD (more than 2000!) will receive a ReadSBISD book bag with books inside to take home.

Also included in the bag are reading resources for parents and a letter from Superintendent Jennifer Blaine encouraging families to read at home to help their children get off to a strong start. Literacy is a key priority for the district. It’s a foundational skill Every Child needs to master for success academically and in life. 

The books and accompanying materials will be provided to the pre-K students in English or Spanish.

Families equipped to reinforce classroom learning at home

A printed copy of the ReadSBISD Parent Guide (in English or Spanish) will be provided to every four-year-old student thanks to grant funding from the Spring Branch Education Foundation. Books and backpacks were funded with federal money designated for student learning and family supports. 

Families of pre-K students in the three-year-old programs across the district will get a list of resources from Reading Rockets, an online initiative that provides research-based strategies to help young children learn to read.

All families are encouraged to access the many other resources and tips posted on the ReadSBISD website. The Spring Branch ISD Grade Level Guides also provide excellent ideas for at-home activities to reinforce what students learn at school.

Help from Good Neighbor partners

Recently, mother-daughter teams from the BWHouston Hearts chapter of the National Charity League volunteered time to help stuff the 2000+ ReadSBISD book bags. Their support is one of three qualifying activities required for the group to earn the Spring Branch ISD Good Neighbor award in the 2021-22 school year. This program celebrates and recognizes district partners through communication channels, news stories, events and a Good Neighbor display item.

Each minute and dollar of support provided by the community contributes to growing strong literacy skills in our youngest students and adds up to Collective Greatness. Thank you!

To be part of the Collective Greatness in Spring Branch ISD or learn more about the Good Neighbor program, contact partner@springbranchisd.com.