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Families encouraged to use SBISD new literacy and numeracy parent guides to help students reach T-2-4 success



Spring Branch ISD’s Community Engagement and Academics teams have partnered to bring families an updated version of the ReadSBISD Parent Guide and a new family resource, the SBISD Counts! Math Parent Guide

The parent guides are designed for pre-K4 to second grade families and include information about SBISD’s approach to literacy and numeracy instruction, the curriculum and powerful tips and strategies to help families support their students at home. 

"Literacy and numeracy are priorities in SBISD!” said Dr. Jennifer Blaine, SBISD Superintendent. “We know that all students must be reading on or above grade level by third grade and have strong foundational math skills in order to achieve our T-2-4 vision for Every Child. Parents and families play a critical role in educating Every Child we serve - you are their first teachers and our important partners!"

The ReadSBISD Parent Guide helps support SBISD’s literacy priority by giving families the tools to help them understand what is happening in the classroom and how they can be part of their learning process. 

Similarly, numeracy, or the ability to understand and work with numbers, is a main focus in SBISD. The SBISD Counts! Math Parent Guide is designed to help support student’s numeracy and problem-solving skills, self-confidence and the ability to articulate mathematical thinking and reasoning. 

“There are many strategies that can be practiced at home to promote our students’ literacy and numeracy development,” said Dr. Kristin Craft, Associate Superintendent for Academics. “Teams identified essential learning standards in the early grades and provided background, questions, and ideas that can be used when practicing at home. These guides help families understand what is happening in their child’s SBISD classroom.”

Printed copies of the numeracy parent guides will be distributed to every student in pre-K4 to second grade in the coming weeks. Families new to SBISD who did not receive the ReadSBISD Parent Guide last year will receive the updated literacy parent guide. The updated ReadSBISD Parent Guide and the new SBISD Counts! Math Parent Guide are available online in both English and Spanish for all families. 

The literacy and math parent guides for pre-K4 students are generously sponsored by the Spring Branch Education Foundation (SBEF). SBISD is grateful for SBEF’s support of this important resource for our families.

“Having a solid literacy and numeracy foundation is essential to be successful in the world, no matter where you go,” said Abby Walker, Director of Community Engagement. “These resources provide easy-to-use strategies for families to support their learners at home, affirming SBISD’s Family Education, Engagement and Empowerment (E3) belief that families and schools are equal partners in student success.” 

For more information on how you can support your student with literacy and numeracy, visit the ReadSBISD  and SBISD Counts! websites.