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Families: Partner with Spring Branch ISD to nurture reading growth – a foundational life skill


Literacy is a top priority in Spring Branch ISD. From pre-Kindergarten to adulthood, having a solid literacy foundation is critical for functioning in the world, learning new ideas and skills, and finding enjoyment by getting lost in a great book. In Spring Branch ISD, a focus on reading and writing (literacy) is part of every lesson from Art to Zoology (A-Z)! 

How can YOU help your child develop important literacy skills? Partner with SBISD as we move all students along a path to achieve a technical certificate, military training, or a two-year or four-year degree (T-2-4). 

Ideally, it is important to read and discuss the content with your child at least 20 minutes every day. This simple practice tremendously increases vocabulary growth, communication skills and confidence.

Dozens of easy tips and strategies to use at home are available on the ReadSBISD website (or click on the READ tab at the top of the SBISD home page). Make it a goal to use at least one strategy per day to support reading and writing skills at home. Every bit of encouragement and practice will make a positive difference in your child’s academic and life successes.

Easy-to-use resources include:

  • Grade-Level Guides include concepts and skills your child will learn each nine-weeks of school. There is a guide webpage for every grade level. They also provide activities and conversation starters for families to reinforce what is happening in the classroom.

Some examples:

Pre-K: Encourage your child to read to you (either by reading the words he/she knows or by telling the story using pictures).

5th grade: Encourage your child to dig deeper into the topics of interest by reading several books about the same topic and comparing them. Help them use what they have learned to create theories and discuss them.

8th grade: Read together and demonstrate the importance of reading in your career field.

11th grade: Ask your child, “How do you check the accuracy of information you are reading online?”


  • Use the tips in the ReadSBISD Parent Guide to help your child grow in self-confidence, fluency and understanding. The information and strategies in the guide target students in grades pre-K through 2nd grade, the most critical years for children to establish good reading skills and habits.

Some examples from the Parent Guide:

Page 14: The Power of Reading Volume to increase knowledge and vocabulary

Page 17: How to help your child select books from libraries and book stores, in person and online.

Page 21: Ideas for supporting phonics at home.


  • Check out other fantastic Reading Resources for Parents & Families at the bottom of the ReadSBISD website.

Some examples:

  • How-to-Video: Using Legos to Build Oral Language  Many more videos are available in English and Spanish.
  • Download a Reading Log to track your child’s progress and watch a video about using this tool to set reading goals.
  • View the Anchor Charts Strategies document to use the same practices at home that teachers are using in the classroom.


  • Learn more from Spring Branch ISD Humanities experts! Register for two upcoming literacy-focused Parent U sessions on Zoom in English and Spanish.
    • Tuesday, March 30: The Joy of Reading: Motivating and Supporting Young Readers at Home 
      • More information and registration link here.
    • Thursday, April 8: Making it a Habit: Storytelling, Emergent Writing Stages and Letter Formation 
      • More information and registration link here.