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Family E3 in action: Honest and real customer service at Cornerstone Academy

Cornerstone Academy's Caroline & Julie Dougher


Julie Dougher has shared her smile across Spring Branch ISD while wearing many hats. She has been a substitute (11 years at over 35 schools), served as a mentor to three students, was a member of the District Improvement Team and a Bond committee, and taught classes through Community Education.

For the past four years she has been the registrar at Cornerstone Academy, where parents and staff enjoy interactions with her in the school’s front office. 

“Parents have gotten used to my hospitality,” said Dougher. “I have patience with them, and never want anyone to feel awkward or embarrassed.”

This fall, several of Dougher’s customers – a parent, a staff member and a student -- took the time to send words of praise, or “Yays!,” to Cornerstone’s director, Angel Purdy, via the Customer Service Feedback link on the school’s web page.

“Julie knows every student by name and almost every parent…not to mention delivery drivers, police officers, substitute teachers, and just about anyone else who walks in our doors,” said Purdy.  

“If she doesn’t know you when you walk in, she will make an effort to know you by the time you leave.  No matter who it is…she treats each person the same way – with respect, friendliness and courtesy.”

Dougher notes it is important to her that people feel heard. She makes a point of stopping whatever she is doing to listen carefully so she can provide the help they need. She often follows up her customer service encounters with an email to provide even more assistance. 

A parent who needed help with submitting an application for the Cornerstone lottery next spring was especially impressed with the over-and-above service she received from Dougher. 

She went beyond my expectations,” said Ms. Trang Tran-Truong. “She is very professional and likeable. She makes me want to enroll my daughter at Cornerstone even more.”

Dougher wants every customer – colleagues, parents, students or visitors – to feel welcome and receive a smile from her. Even when there is a language barrier, she finds a smile builds bridges.  

Her daughter, Caroline Dougher, also works in Cornerstone’s front office. She assists her mother and their Spanish-speaking customers with her fluency in the language.

“When parents feel welcome and comfortable, it helps their children feel more confident at school,” said Dougher.  

“Ms. Dougher helped me out a lot with my questions about student ID, pickup dates and more,” said a Cornerstone student. “Please thank her!”

Dougher strives to make even difficult customers feel heard and valued. She diffuses sticky situations by acknowledging the customer and working extra hard to solve the problem on the spot. If the situation warrants further research, she will find an answer to their concern and is sure to follow up.

“It is such an honor to serve in Spring Branch ISD,” said this customer service super star who exudes joy and positivity at all times.

Share your Yays!

As part of the district’s Share A Smile customer service program, customer feedback is directed to school leaders so they can commend and celebrate employees, like Julie Dougher, noticed for good customer service. 
SBISD campuses strive daily to foster welcoming learning environments for students. Building relationships and partnerships with families are also essential components of student success, as affirmed in the research-based SBISD Family Education, Engagement and Empowerment (E3) framework

If you would like to submit a comment about customer service you have received in SBISD, please use the Customer Service Feedback icon on campus or department webpages. Another way to share a compliment is to use the Let’s Connect tab on the SBISD home page.

We look forward to celebrating your Yays!

Submitted by Becky Wuerth, SBISD Communication