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Family E3 in action: SBISD shines through customer service

This semester, Spring Branch ISD parent Thalia Wade took the time to write kudos about her children’s teachers via Customer Service Feedback links found on campus (and department) websites. 

In SBISD, we call these “Yays!”

Yay #1

Barbara Estrada and Briann Foresman, Spring Oaks Middle School's "dynamic duo"

Writing about two educators at Spring Oaks Middle School, Ms. Wade complimented Briann Foresman and classroom assistant Barbara Estrada for “going beyond to teach” her child. She also recognized and appreciated their organization, knowledge, patience and kindness.

“Thank you for teachers like them,” wrote Ms Wade. “They are the true meaning of ‘a wonderful teacher!’”

“The dynamic duo of Mrs. Foresman and Mrs. Estrada make many things happen for students every day,” said Mary Lou Davalos, principal of Spring Oaks Middle School. “What they do best is make a difference! Both teachers are the biggest advocates for their students and make sure our students have what they need to be successful. 

Every Child deserves to be championed and I know they are in Mrs. Foresman’s classroom.”

Yay #2

Dana Berridge, Sherwood Elementary pre-K-4 teacher

Ms. Wade also had high praise for her daughter’s pre-K-4 teacher at Sherwood Elementary, Dana Berridge. Initially participating in the distance learning model and now in-person, her daughter has made great progress with learning the ABC’s and counting skills because of Berridge’s caring and patient instruction.

"Day one, she knew how to monitor sharing her screen so all the kids could see what others are doing in the class,” said Wade. “Pre-K kids are not very attentive, but the teacher keeps my daughter’s attention. Very impressive!”

The parent also appreciates how Berridge partnered with the family to provide learning supplies for pick up, such as pasta shapes for counting and sorting exercises, and handmade, mini picture books.

Ms. Wade thanked the school’s principal, Sarah Salas, for hiring Ms. Berridge. “Thank you for picking teachers like her,” said Wade. “Beyond amazing!”

“Ms. Berridge is an excellent pre-K teacher,” said Principal Salas. “Her students know what is expected and thrive in the structured and nurturing environment that she provides for her kids. She is highly organized and has great attention to detail, which helps her students not lose a minute of instruction. We are so proud to have Ms. Berridge at Sherwood!”

We value “Yays”

As part of the district’s Share A Smile customer service program, customer comments are directed to school leaders so they can commend and celebrate employees noticed for good customer service. 
SBISD teachers strive daily to foster welcoming learning environments for their students. Building relationships and partnerships with families are also essential components of student success, as affirmed in the research-based SBISD Family Education, Engagement and Empowerment (E3) framework. Parents and families play a critical role in educating Every Child served in SBISD. 

When parents like Ms. Wade take the time to recognized excellent examples of customer service and partnership, we celebrate!

If you would like to submit a comment about customer service you have received in SBISD, please use the Customer Service Input icon on your child’s campus webpage. Another way to share a compliment is to use the Let’s Connect tab on the SBISD home page.

We look forward to celebrating your Yays!


Submitted by Becky Wuerth, SBISD Communications