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Feeding students doesn’t take a summer break: School Nutrition Services remains hard at work


School may be out for the summer, but that doesn’t mean the behind-the-scenes work of Spring Branch Independent School District (SBISD) takes a vacation.

Among the many departments hard at work during the summer months is School Nutrition Services (SNS). The team is committed to ensuring SBISD students receive nutritious food, even when classes aren’t in session. Such dedication directly impacts the health and well-being of SBISD students 12 months a year.

“For many of our students, school is the only source of nutritious meals. When school lets out for the summer, their options for nutritious meals may be limited,” said Michael Francis, director of SNS at SBISD. “This is just one of the many reasons why our team stays engaged during the summer – to ensure our students have access to our no-cost summer meal program.”

Over the summer, the SNS team will also participate in professional development covering the latest trends in school nutrition. These conferences and workshops provide the team with new strategies to enhance the department’s best practices.

“Continuous learning is a cornerstone of our approach, not only among the SNS team but across the entire district,” said Francis. “By investing in our team’s professional growth, we ensure that we are always ready to meet and exceed the needs of our students.”

That dedication to lifelong learning was displayed this past spring when three SNS managers, Adrian White, Rania Jaj, and Mary AbuDayah, graduated from the Region 4 Manager Academy, a yearlong program designed to hone leadership and management skills. Graduating from the academy was no small feat and required rigorous study, hands-on learning, and additional commitment outside their usual responsibilities.

“By completing the program, our managers not only enhanced their skills but also brought back a wealth of invaluable knowledge to enrich the entire team,” said Michael. “Adriana, Rania, and Mary are an inspiration and set an example for the rest of the team as we prepare for the next school year. Their achievements are a testament to their dedication and the value they bring to our team and the entire SBISD community.”  

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