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Fifth graders learn ‘moore’ about trades with The John Moore Experience



It is never too early to start searching for a career pathway and fifth graders at Ridgecrest Elementary have already begun.

The students recently took a field trip to John Moore, a plumbing, air conditioning, electrical and generator services company. During their visit, they explored activity stations, learning about the different trades and how they can go into these fields post-graduation. 

The students excitedly arrived and heard from Don Valentine, owner and president of John Moore. Valentine explained the importance of technical education and inspired students to enjoy the activities but also learn about the various skills needed for these professions. 

“Our industry faces a shortage of licensed tradesmen and many organizations focus on targeting high school students,” said Valentine. “However, we have an opportunity to inspire students at an early age and give them options for their future.” 

The John Moore Experience was launched  recently and Ridgecrest Elementary was the first school to participate in the immersive activities. 

During the field trip, the students also heard from Mattress Mack, founder and owner of Gallery Furniture, who encouraged them to pursue some form of higher education after graduation and emphasized that “anything is possible if you set your mind to it.” 

The field trip consisted of six stations, the Power Ranger, Water Filtration, Royal Flush, Water Works, Clear the Air and Junior Technician. Each station showed students concepts such as how the sewer system works, how filters prevent dirt from circulating inside homes and how to perform a water quality test. The students even had their picture taken and received their own John Moore badge as honorary members of the company. 

Rufina Santiago, a parent who helped chaperone the field trip, was excited that her daughter was learning about potential career opportunities. 

“It’s very important for students to explore pathways early on,” said Santiago. “It opens their mind and gets them thinking about their future. They are more likely to pursue higher education after graduation if we expose them to options.” 

Marisol, Santiago’s daughter, noted that her favorite activity was the Power Rangers station, where she completed a real-world wiring circuit. 

“It was so much fun!” said Marisol. “During the exercise I learned that we should always turn off the electricity before working with the wires to avoid getting electrocuted.” 

Exploring different trades and industries at an early age enforces Spring Branch ISD’s T-2-4 vision of having every graduate attain a technical certificate, military training, or a two-year or four-year degree. This opportunity allows students to discover their interests and gives them time to take electives in middle and high school based on such. 

“Students had fun, but they also learned a lot!” said Eduardo De La Paz, teacher at Ridgecrest. “Some of these activities relate to questions that appear on the STAAR test, reinforcing the concepts learned in the classroom. It also encourages them to think about higher education and make plans for their future.” 

See all the fun activities students engaged in during their field trip!