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SWHS student artist working on chalk-art rendering of the International Space Station


Student artists from around SBISD are in the process of creating space-themed chalk art drawings this week as they participate in a six-day virtual art festival called “Spaced Out.”

UrbanCanvas (a British chalk art group), Spring Woods High School Art Teacher Rebekah Tee and Space Center Houston collaborated to ‘launch’ the international art challenge.

SWHS student artists are using research projects from astronomy students as inspirations for the chalk-art designs currently in progress on the school’s walkways.

See in-progress photos and videos on the Spaced Out by UrbanCanvas and Spring Woods Visual Arts Facebook pages. Artists from around the world will be posting photos of their “Spaced Out” chalk art from Nov. 17-22.

Tee will also be one of three featured chalk artists at the Space Center Houston Visitor Center who will be creating sidewalk drawings for guests to enjoy.

Read more details about Spaced Out.

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