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From high-fives during arrival duty to helping with science lessons, SBISD families are actively engaged in their student’s education



National Parental Involvement Day is an important day to highlight the powerful contributions Spring Branch ISD families provide at school and at home to promote student success. 

Parent engagement reinforces SBISD’s Family Education, Engagement and Empowerment Framework (Family E3), which ensures schools partner with families to promote student achievement. 

Read about some of this important partnership happening around SBISD: 

Pine Shadows Elementary 

Pine Shadows Elementary encourages dads to join Door Dads, a parent involvement group that helps support students in all aspects. 

“Our focus as Door Dads is to support a strong start to the school day and connect our community through positive words of encouragement, big smiles and positive energy,” said Matt Miller, Door Dads chairman. “It’s our hope that a warm greeting and a high-five each morning sends our students into school more prepared and eager to start their day.” 

The Door Dads group assists teachers and staff in arrival and dismissal duties. They also assist with monitoring students during lunch, giving staff an opportunity to plan lessons and catch up on their work. 

Door Dads also take part in other jobs including grilling burgers and planting trees. They are always willing to support the school and ensure students, teachers and staff are prepared for the day. 

“We hope to make an impact, for both our students and faculty!” concluded Miller. 

Rummel Creek Elementary 

At Rummel Creek, dads can be part of the WATCH D.O.G.S.® Program and help teach about science through exciting experiments and hands-on activities. 

The dads visit the classrooms once a month and always begin their lessons by reading a book to students that correlates with what they will be learning that day. They then introduce the lab and assist them in organizing their materials. 

“Family involvement is important as it shows our students that education is valued and important,” said Maddie Schleinschok, science teacher at Rummel Creek. “The students love seeing outside faces and the opportunity to show the parents all the wealth of information they have learned. It’s a lot of fun for all!” 

The science labs help students develop their understanding of the subject material, as it prompts them to think outside of the box and really see how things work. 

Recently, students created bracelets that represented a food chain and taught them how organisms are related to each other through the food they eat. Dads volunteered to help Schleinschok with the lesson. 

Matthew, a parent helping in the classroom, was excited to participate and noted that he had volunteered at the school in other aspects, but never in the science lab. 

“My son always tells me what he’s learning in the classroom but this is the first time I have the opportunity to see him in action,” said Matthew. “It shows him that I value his education and encourages him to continue to excel.” 

Shadow Oaks Elementary 

To engage fifth grade families and better prepare them for the elementary to middle school transition, Shadow Oaks hosted Middle School Ready Spaghetti Dinner. During the event, families learned about Choice Programs, how to better prepare students for middle school and how parent engagement is essential in student success. 

“Parents have a strong influence on their children. When students see their parents invested in their education, they inspire them to prosper in the classroom,” said Aurelia Guzman, Shadow Oaks counselor. “Events like this help us communicate the importance of being involved.” 

The event guided parents through deciding what campus is the best fit for their students. Over dinner, parents learned about neighborhood schools, two-way dual language programs and charter programs. 

Wilchester Elementary 

At Wilchester Elementary, the PTA has responded to the new and continued support needs for students by creating the Internal Needs Committee. 

“This committee has greatly helped us assess our student needs and how we can help them,” said Amanda Dikdan, Wilchester family engagement liaison. “By being part of this group parents can help support student learning by providing resources, volunteering for events and fulfilling other necessities.” 

Many families depend on school breakfast and lunch for food and the upcoming holiday breaks place an ongoing stress on those families. The Internal Needs Committee is currently collecting Kroger gift cards for families facing food insecurity. 

The committee works alongside teachers and staff to engage the Wilchester community with opportunities to get involved and help support families in need.

Spring Forest Middle 

The Parent Center at Spring Forest Middle designed the SFMS “How To” Guidebook, a parent guide for all sixth grade and new families that gives them an overview of the school, involvement opportunities, why middle school is important and more. 

“We have spent a couple of years working on this project and we are so excited to launch it in English and Spanish,” said Trina Morford, Spring Forest family engagement liaison. “This resource provides families with tools to help their students stay on course academically and provides additional tips to get them back on track if there are any barriers.” 

The guide consists of 48 pages and along with basic operational information, the resource also explains how families can collaborate with the school to help students reach success. 

“Our guidebook shows families that there are many tools they can use to teach their students foundational habits before transitioning into high school,” concluded Morford. “It is a great place for them to learn more about navigating parent involvement in middle school.” 

Families and schools can be equal partners in students’ success through continued engagement. Contact your child’s campus for ways to get involved!