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From math calculations to relationship-building, Housman students develop Core Characteristics during Lemonade Day



From math calculations to relationship-building, Housman students develop Core Characteristics during Lemonade Day  

The Housman Elementary cafeteria was filled with students eager to sell their very own lemonade to “customers” during the annual Lemonade Day on Thursday, May 4.

“Our lemonade is the best! Come buy some!” chanted a participating student as he waved a cup in the air.  

Lemonade Day is a program aimed at teaching students how to start, own and operate a business.

The experience helps students develop Spring Branch ISD’s Core Characteristics of a T-2-4 Ready Graduate, as they become Academically Prepared through math calculations and summary reports, Communicators & Collaborators while they build relationships and Resourceful Problem-solvers by analyzing problems and finding solutions. 

Karla Ramirez, a Housman parent, was thrilled that her student participated in the Lemonade Day experience. 

“This is the first time my student has participated, but I am sure he will want to continue being part of this event!” said Ramirez. “He has learned a lot about financial responsibility but he has also made friends and learned how to better socialize. It’s a great experience!” 

The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Houston, SBISD’s Good Neighbor, worked with the students to teach them how to set profit-making goals, serve customers and create budgets. They believe it is never too early to teach students how to be productive members of society. 

“Lemonade Day is a great way to introduce students to entrepreneurship,” said Dekeita Frazier, club director of the Housman Boy & Girls Club. “However, they learn much more beyond business skills. Students acquire leadership skills, learn how to collaborate and understand they are part of a community.” 

Teachers, staff, parents and community members went from booth to booth exploring the various lemonade stands. They were excited to come across motivated students promoting their product. This year’s lemonade stands featured exciting twists including frozen, raspberry-flavored and even spicy lemonade.  

“I’ve had so much fun selling lemonade!” said Tyson, a participating student. “I have also learned the steps I need to take if I want to establish my own business one day.”  

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