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From School Principal to Eye Health Advocate: Shaq Joins Forces with MyEyeDr. at Pine Shadows Elementary


A surprise visit to Pine Shadows Elementary School in Houston was not only eye-opening for the students, but it also highlighted the importance of eye health and learning.

In collaboration with Pine Shadows Elementary, MyEyeDr. and Dr. Shaquille O'Neal organized a pep rally focused on educating students about the importance of eye health and safety. Dr. Scott Allison and Dr. Emmanuella Okocha from MyEyeDr. took the stage alongside Shaq, educating the students about the upcoming solar eclipse and demonstrating the proper use of solar glasses for safe viewing.

Shaq then delivered an energetic and empowering talk, aimed at instilling self-confidence in the students, while underscoring the role eye health plays in lifelong learning and pursuing their dreams.

“The importance of eye health is very near and dear to me,” Shaq reflected. “From my own experience needing glasses at a young age, I know how crucial clear vision is for succeeding in school and having confidence.” 

Shaq expressed gratitude for the opportunity to give back with MyEyeDr. and educate children about proper eye care, especially regarding the upcoming solar eclipse.

Students received backpacks containing essential school supplies, special solar eclipse viewing glasses, and an exclusive offer for exams and frames. MyEyeDr.’s partnership with Pine Shadows Elementary School will continue in October, with students receiving free vision screenings.

SBISD and the Pine Shadows Explorers express their heartfelt gratitude to MyEyeDr. and Shaq for their support and inspiring message about the power of education and pursuing one's dreams. For more information about MyEyeDr.'s commitment to eye health and safety, please visit their website at www.myeyedr.com.

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