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Wilchester Elementary staff with microscopes donated by UHD
Left to right: Amanda Dikdan, Robin Chavez, Sela Burrows


Students at Wilchester Elementary School will get a bigger picture of STEM education after a recent donation of 11 microscopes from the University of Houston-Downtown’s College of Sciences & Technology.

Read more here from UHD News.

Family connections at Wilchester:

When families are involved with their children's schools, great things like microscope donations can occur. Because Wilchester's Family Engagement Liaison Amanda Dikdan connected with parent Mehdi Esmaeiliyan from UHD, the wheels were set in motion for the donation.

Family engagement is critical to the success of Every Child served in SBISD, as affirmed in the district's Family Education, Engagement and Empowerment (Family E3) Framework.

"We are really making headway [with Family E3 best practices] and forming very meaningful connections," said Dikdan. 

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