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Guthrie Center’s Miriam Osbon Awarded ACE Scholarship for Architecture Program



Congratulations to Miriam Osbon, a high school senior at Stratford High School, who is enrolled in the Architecture program at the Guthrie Center

Miriam was recently honored by the ACE Mentor Program (Architecture Construction and Engineering) program with a $32,000 scholarship presented to her by Amy Hufnagel the Executive Director of ACE Mentor Houston. 

This generous financial support for deserving students plays a crucial role in helping them achieve their academic goals.

"Miriam is a unique student who has grown and matured in her study and pursuit of architecture. Mr. Martinez and I have had the privilege to be her instructors for the three years she was in our program," said Faud Lourfi, Guthrie Center instructor.

"Miriam is very hard working, she does her best, and while she is not shy about giving her thoughts on things, she is also excellent at receiving feedback and constructive criticism on her work as she revises and works at improving constantly," said Lourfi. "Mr. Martinez and I know all of Guthrie, CTE, and SBISD are very proud of her achievement, excited for her, and are curious to see how the rest of her journey unfolds as she is welcome to come back and talk to our current students any time."

Miriam's exceptional achievements and commitment to academic excellence have earned her one of the largest scholarships ever awarded by the ACE program.

This honor showcases the dedication and hard work Miriam has put into her education as an Architecture student. With this invaluable support, Miriam can continue to excel in her field and make significant contributions to her community and beyond. She is considering studying architecture at either Carnegie Mellon or Washington University in St. Louis.

“We’re just super proud of how driven she is and all the hard work she’s put in the past couple of years,” said Ellena Osbon, mother of Miriam. “We’re thankful for the Guthrie Center’s encouragement and support. We are proud of Miriam and look forward to what she is going to accomplish."

We extend gratitude to our dedicated teachers, both at the Guthrie Center and throughout our district, for their unwavering dedication to Every Child. Together, we are paving the way towards a brighter tomorrow for our youth and making our vision of T-2-4reality.

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