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Happy Reading! Growing home libraries one bag at a time


Recently, students at Spring Branch ISD’s Hollibrook Elementary couldn’t wait to begin reading the books they had chosen online and had just received in bright, blue bags to take home. Many started reading the books, donated and distributed by the Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation, while waiting for parents to pick them up from school.

Each Hollibrook student received six books from the Foundation as part of the My Home Library program, funded by community partners in Houston and the Spring Branch area. This month, the program reached a milestone of donating more than half a million books since its inception in 2017. My Home Library seeks to improve the statistic that more than 60 percent of low-income families have no books in their homes.

“You could see the excitement in every corner of the school, in every little face, and in the many words of appreciation from parents,” Hollibrook Principal Annabel Taylor said. “Teachers already are thinking about book studies, read alouds, and other activities they can do to keep students motivated and engage them in conversations.”

Taylor also expressed thanks to the Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation for supporting Spring Branch ISD’s literacy goals while helping her students grow their home libraries. Literacy is a key district priority, because reading and writing is the foundation for success in all subjects and in life. Several literacy programs exist in the district under the ReadSBISD initiative. Learn more here.

Earlier in the school year, students at Treasure Forest Elementary received My Home Library book donations, thanks to a four-year collaboration between the Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation and school-partner Air Liquide.

Sustained partnerships like this mean that each year, students will receive more books for their home libraries as they grow through grade levels and their reading skills advance.

Individuals, groups or corporations who would like to bring the joy of reading into the lives of young people in Spring Branch ISD have several opportunities to connect via the ReadSBISD umbrella. To learn about engagement options, please contact partner@springbranchisd.com