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Highlights from the Supporting Success for Every Child event


Parents from across the district attended a Parent U conference on a recent Saturday morning at Northbrook Middle School.

For the Feb. 1 program, they chose to attend three different learning sessions presented by Spring Branch ISD and area experts on more than 30 topics designed for parents of elementary age children. 

Several presentations were conducted in both English and Spanish. All offered practical advice for parents to put into practice with their children.

Popular subjects for attending parents included topics ripped from current day headlines, such as Keeping Kids Safe in a Digital Age and The Youth E-cigarette Epidemic.

Several literacy-related classes were available, such as Reading Levels: What do I need to know as a parent? and Supporting Your Child’s Literacy, which gave parents insights into ways to bridge student learning between the classroom and home.

“It is refreshing to see new innovative techniques to encourage reading,” one parent wrote on the post-event evaluation. 

Preparing Your Child for College Starting at Pre-K was an eye-opening presentation for parents of young children, where conversation suggestions and a college-admission timeline were shared.

At a well-attended session about dyslexia parents learned about intervention programming utilized in SBISD and heard from students who have dyslexia. 

On March 28, another Parent U event will focus on Special Education and learning differences. Details and registration links are here.

Links to the Feb. 1 Parent U presentations are here, as well as to resources from past conferences.

“This was great information for all ages,” said a Parent U attendee. “I loved all the seminars.”