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Housman Shines Spotlight on Parent Engagement and Student Success


To harness the power of connections, Housman Elementary invited families into the school's classrooms to shine a light on the critical relationship between home and school. 

Academics in Action, hosted this fall, offered parents a firsthand insight into the school's approach to instruction, something many were eager to learn more about.

“This event stems from the questions we often hear from parents about how they can better support their child's learning at home,” said school principal Lindy Robertson. “We wanted to address this by providing our families with tangible tools and insights from the classroom.”

The experience was also an opportunity for parents to gain a better understand of core subject areas. On the same day, Housman opened its doors for the school's fall art show, where students displayed their artistic prowess, further engaging parents in the growth and talent nurtured within the school.

“Housman educators put in an incredible amount of effort to enhance learning outcomes for our students,” said Robertson, speaking about the school's dedicated staff. “We proudly celebrate our students as Mustangs who demonstrate resilience and commitment toward high-level academic performance.”

Parents appreciated the open communication and demonstrated commitment of the teaching staff toward providing an engaging and productive learning environment for all students.

“I found this initiative extremely beneficial,” said Housman parent Drakeia Owens. “It provided a detailed overview of what a typical school day is like for my child.”

Other parents noted their appreciation of the ongoing effort teachers put into supporting the unique needs of each student. 

“Teachers here at Housman Elementary are incredibly proactive and thorough in communicating about what my child requires to flourish,” said Owens.

Housman’s Academics in Action illustrates the importance of family and school connections in setting high academic standards and supports, both components in student success. 

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