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Inspiring Excellence: SBISD's Career and Technical Education celebrates growth in certificates, enrollment, and opportunities


The Spring Branch Independent School District (SBISD) is fully committed to prioritizing Career and Technical Education (CTE) by continuously enhancing our programs. 

Thanks to investments from the 2017 Bond and the expansion of programs and partnerships in the 2022-2023 school year, the district has built a strong foundation for further improvements under the 2022 Bond program. Notable achievements include establishing state-of-the-art computer labs for Arts A/V and Architectural Design at the Guthrie Center. SBISD also introduced new skills labs and classrooms at Spring Forest Middle School, Memorial Middle School, Spring Woods High School and the Ag Science Center during the 2022-2023 academic year. These enhancements, funded by $1,210,461 under the 2017 Bond, have facilitated the growth of programs like Vex Robotics, Arts A/V and Construction.

"We are grateful to our community for partnering with our CTE Department to provide funds in the 2017 Bond that support the CTE programs technology refreshes as well as the purchases of industry-standard equipment," said Christina RiceImumwen SBISD's Director of Career and Technical Education. "These funds have allowed us to meet the needs of our program and that has led to successful growth in our certifications, student enrollment and student work-based learning opportunities," said RiceImumwen.


SBISD experienced an outstanding 140% increase in students earning industry-based certification in CTE over the past three years. This remarkable growth is a result of the dedication of our CTE educators, the improved state-of-the-art classrooms and labs, expanded programming and deeper instructional partnerships. 

Additionally, SBISD is proud of a commendable 13% increase in student enrollment in advanced level CTE courses. These students are identified by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) as CTE Concentrators and Completers*. This student enrollment increase showcases the program’s continuous advancement and the growth of 26+ programs of study offered in the district. SBISD also has provided valuable opportunities for secondary students to explore various career pathways through CTE summer camps and the district's annual Destination Success career fair. 

This year, the fair will occur on October 14, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Northbrook High School. Destination Success will provide families with crucial knowledge about career choices and pathways of study. SBISD remains dedicated to its T-2-4 vision for Every Child and will continue to prioritize CTE, ensuring that all students receive high-quality opportunities that prepare them for successful careers. For more information about CTE programming in SBISD, click here

For information about this year's Destination Success career fair, click here.

* Concentrator: A student served by an LEA who has completed two or more courses for at least 2 credits in a single program of study. Completer: A student served by an LEA who has completed 3 or more courses for 4 or more credits including an advanced course (level 3 or level 4) within an approved program of study.