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Learning never stops as students expand their minds through summer camps


From cooking to graphic design, this summer Spring Branch ISD students are participating in a wide range of courses to help expand their knowledge and adopt new skills. 

“Our goal was to expand our traditional summer school program to encompass our diverse student population and provide them with options aligned with their interests,” said Julie Baggerly, SBISD director of intervention services. “This new framework is essential in helping our students become well-rounded professionals.” 

This year, summer school is divided into four camps including Camp Connect, Camp Credit, Camp Explore and Camp Welcome. Each program offers distinct enrichment opportunities, and students and their families were able to choose the “perfect fit.”

Camp Connect provides students in pre-K through eighth grade with instructional sessions as well as enrichment opportunities in fine arts, music, drama, sports, crafts and technology. 

“Students have enjoyed being part of the program,” said Sandra Grizzell, assistant principal at Ridgecrest Elementary and camp coordinator. “They are working on closing academic gaps, while still engaging in unique experiences.” 

For students in ninth through 12th grade, Camp Credit offers original credit or credit recovery. The camp’s first session was offered in-person and virtually and beginning June 27, a second session will be offered. Camp registration has closed. 

Those looking to delve into distinct career options chose Camp Explore. Students in kindergarten through 11th grade are part of weeklong camps exploring various paths including culinary arts, drama and language arts, 3D animation, architecture, cosmetology and photography, among others. 

Camp Welcome seeks to help fourth through ninth grade students who recently arrived in the United States. The classes focus on teaching students how to use the English language for personal, social and academic purposes. Students participate in a three-hour literacy block, and through innovative strategies, they also learn English through gym, music, science and math. 

“This camp has helped students become more familiar with the English language and has better prepared them for the fall,” said María Sol Gómez, multilingual instructional coordinator. “I am happy that we are able to provide the linguistic support needed to help our students be successful.” 

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