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Littlest Lions learn the power of WE



At The Lion Lane School, character building is an everyday focus and something teacher Kyla Raygor knew she wanted to foster in her Pre-k students. So, she developed monthly themes to explore traits like persistence, empathy, communication, collaboration, and self-awareness, all Core Characteristics of a T-2-4 Ready Graduate in Spring Branch ISD. 

Each month, Raygor emails thematic lessons to all Lion Lane teachers and shares any resources they may need. She encourages them to incorporate the lessons into their teaching in meaningful ways. Her current theme is inclusion. Raynor's lessons are short and relevant to a student's age. After a lesson, teachers display student work, activities, and results on classroom bulletin boards. 

"Inclusion matters at all ages," said Raygor. "I have students who are not sure how to make friends. Through these lessons, I hope we can all learn how to bridge those friendships and help our students learn how to accept each other." 



Raygor chooses the lesson based on what she sees going on, including the classrooms and around the school, and varies by topic. From something as simple as wearing glasses to celebrating differences or a special holiday event, lessons foster appreciation and acceptance of others and promote kindness. One of the seven Core Characteristics, Empathy and Self-awareness, focuses on appreciating differences, forming secure relationships, and caring for your own and others' emotional, mental, and physical health.

"I tend to look at our needs this year," added Raygor. "What behaviors are prevalent in our students? Do we have many students wearing glasses or any medical devices? I try to promote inclusion and understanding without isolating students." 



Raygor has seen a notable difference in her students. They've become more accepting of one another. In the past, students only greeted each other occasionally. Now, students actively welcome each other and are conscious of whether their peers are included in classroom activities. One classroom has adopted a motto that stemmed from one of the inclusion lessons: We may all look different, but we are all the same. As a result, students lead, voicing it when they feel it is needed. 



"I hope these lessons stay with our students beyond Lion Lane," concluded Raygor. "I hope these skills are nurtured in them so they become more accepting of others around them." 

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