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May Fine Arts Spotlight: Getzamary Solano - Radiating artistic brilliance


In the vibrant art classrooms of Westchester Academy for International Studies (WAIS), students exemplify creativity, dedication, and profound artistic talent.

Among them stands Getzamary Solano, an extraordinary artist whose journey embodies the transformative power of visual expression and intellectual curiosity. She serves as a shining example for the entire community.

Getzamary's artistic odyssey began with a spark ignited during the COVID-19 pandemic, where she discovered the joy of painting and visual storytelling. After returning to schooling at WAIS, Getzamary eagerly embraced the opportunity to deepen her artistic exploration, enrolling in IB Visual Arts to challenge herself and expand her creative horizons.

Anthony Kimmons, Getzamary's art teacher, praises her dedication and talent, saying, "Getzamary has always been a very driven student. She seeks feedback and isn't afraid to ask questions, showing a genuine commitment to her craft."

For Getzamary, the true joy of participating in the arts lies in the connections forged and the diverse experiences encountered along the way.

From showcasing her artworks at renowned venues like the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston to serving as an Art Instructor for Crayola Imagine Arts Academy of NW Houston, Getzamary embraces every opportunity to explore, learn, and grow as an artist.

Reflecting on her favorite moment at WAIS, Getzamary recalls a pivotal experience during her sophomore year. "It was the day of our 'PYP Exhibition' in tenth grade," she shares. "The feedback I received was beyond my expectations. It was a moment of affirmation that fueled my desire to continue pushing my artistic boundaries."

Throughout her journey, Getzamary's teachers, Mrs. Batres and Mr. Kimmons, have been instrumental in guiding her artistic growth. "My teachers have been my mentors," she affirms. "They challenge me to push my creative limits and provide unwavering support."

Getzamary's involvement in the arts has not only honed her creative skills but also cultivated invaluable leadership and communication abilities through her role as president of the National Art Honor Society.

As she prepares to embark on her academic journey at Centre College as a Grissom Scholar, majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology on the Pre-Med track, Getzamary remains committed to her passion for the arts, envisioning a future where her scientific pursuits coexist harmoniously with her artistic endeavors.

In celebrating Getzamary Solano, we recognize not only her exceptional artistic talent but also her unwavering commitment to intellectual growth, community engagement, and service-minded leadership. As she ventures into her next chapter, we eagerly anticipate the opportunities that await this remarkable young artist and scholar.