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Meadow Wood Elementary teacher named May Teachers Driving Success winner


The Spring Branch ISD Community Engagement team has named Ms. Rheanna McCarley, a second-grade teacher from Meadow Wood Elementary, as the May Teachers Driving Success winner. 

"Ms. McCarley is patient, structured and loving,” said Lynne Barry, Meadow Wood Elementary principal. “She works tirelessly for her students and our school and actively finds unique ways to keep all her students motivated and engaged.” 

In recognition of her dedication and drive for success, Ms. McCarley received a $400 check and a gift basket from Sterling McCall Group, the program sponsor. 

"Ms. McCarley truly exemplifies the Core Values of Every Child and Collaborative Spirit,” added Barry. 

Teachers Driving Success is a monthly teacher appreciation program sponsored by SBISD partner Sterling McCall Group, that recognizes classroom teachers and their efforts to help students prosper. 

We thank Sterling McCall Group for their sustained support of our educators. Learn more about the Teachers Driving Success program here

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