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OUR PLAN FOR 2020-2021



Dear SBISD Families and Community Members,

I am pleased to announce LearnSBISD - our district’s plan for the 2020-2021 school year. We developed LearnSBISD over the past few months, informed by countless hours of research and planning by district and campus leaders. Research included employee and family surveys, stakeholder feedback sessions, lessons learned from Spring 2020, summer pilot programs, feedback from medical professionals, and local, state and national health and government agency guidance.

The plan provides families with two great learning options (In-Person or Distance Learning) to commit to by July 22, and no later than July 31.

LearnSBISD aligns with our core values-based Commitments and our two guiding imperatives:

  • the health, safety and well-being of our students, staff and families, and
  • the academic growth and social-emotional development our students need and deserve and families expect.


Please know and understand, LearnSBISD is based on the information, guidance and guidelines from local, state and national government and health agencies as of July 7, 2020. School districts are required by the State to offer an in-person, five-days a week option.  LearnSBISD is subject to change based on updated guidance from local, state or national government or health agencies.


Robust health and safety protocols

LearnSBISD’s robust health and safety protocols are designed to keep our employees and students as safe as possible amidst the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. Our health and safety protocols meet or exceed those of the Texas Education Agency and are aligned with local, state and national health guidelines. They also have been reviewed by medical professionals.

Our plan includes mitigation practices, such as required daily health screenings by students and staff and hand sanitizing prior to coming to our campuses or riding our buses; an emphasis on personal hygiene and hand washing, and social distancing where possible or practical. Importantly, all students and employees will be required to wear face coverings/masks in our schools and district facilities and on our buses.

We prioritize robust cleaning practices for our facilities and our buses. Strong protocols also are in place for isolation, notification and return to school/work when a student or staff member displays symptoms of COVID-19, is diagnosed with COVID-19 or is in close proximity of anyone diagnosed with COVID-19. 

While community engagement and partners and volunteers are critical to our work, in an abundance of caution, our health protocols also prohibit visitors on our campuses, except by appointment. In the weeks ahead, our Community Relations team will reach out to mentors and tutors with more information about supporting students this year.

All families will be asked to sign a Health and Safety Protocol Acknowledgement, confirming the commitment to abide by and support our health and safety protocols.


Family choice

Families have two excellent learning options for their children when we begin school:

  • In-Person Learning is the choice for families who wish for their children to resume learning at school with robust health and safety measures in place, including the requirement that students wear face coverings/masks in indoor common spaces.
  • Distance Learning is the choice for families who wish for their children to learn online at home. Students will follow a daily schedule, with required daily participation that will include include live, real-time instruction with great SBISD teachers, and independent instruction every class period, every school day. Attendance will be taken daily, and lesson plans follow the SBISD scope and sequence.

Both options provide the same attendance requirements, supports from campus staff, opportunities to participate in UIL and extracurricular activities, grading guidelines, and high expectations of staff and students. Meals will be served in a grab and go fashion for students participating in both options, with more information forthcoming for how meals will be provided for students learning from home.

In the event circumstances change and require that in-person instruction is delayed, all students will begin school in a virtual environment. For families who select in-person learning, this option will take effect once students are allowed to return to school.



All SBISD families must complete a Learning Model Selection Form through Skyward Family Access or by submitting a paper form at your campus by Wednesday, July, 22. The final deadline is midnight on July 31. We will assume you plan for your child to return to school for in-person learning if we have not received your form by this date.

Your family’s choice represents your commitment through the first nine-week grading period.

Forms to Complete:

Be sure to complete all required forms - in addition to our standard enrollment forms - for the year ahead. All families should complete: (1) Learning Model Selection Form, (2) Health and Safety Protocol Acknowledgement, and, (3) if you need bus service and have not registered or need to change your information, please complete the bus transportation form in Skyward Family Access.

Let's Connect

Communication is a district priority. We are committed to keeping you informed, answering your questions and optimizing ways to connect.

Our new communications tool, Let’s Connect, will enhance our service to you. Look for the new Let’s Connect icon on our website. You can identify the topic about which you have a question, comment or concern, or compliment a member of our team. Let’s Connect will automatically route your question/feedback to the SBISD colleague best equipped to provide support.

For general LearnSBISD questions, please use Let’s Connect. If you have a specific question about your child, please reach out to your campus or grade-level principal.


Learn more

This message provides the highest level overview of LearnSBISD.  I strongly encourage you to read our LearnSBISD summary brochure, and to visit our LearnSBISD website for even more comprehensive information, including information about special programs, UIL activities, family supports and a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Thank you

We know the year ahead is certainly going to be unparalleled based on the continuing challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. That said, I believe in the entire Spring Branch Family, and I am proud of the deep, thoughtful, research-based work that is represented in the more than 100 pages of our comprehensive LearnSBISD plan. 

As the school year proceeds, SBISD will continue to address changing needs for safety and health while ensuring Every Child keeps learning.

It’s up to all of us leveraging our Collective Greatness to go beyond in addressing the challenges presented to us along the way. Working together, we can and we will.

Jennifer Blaine, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

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