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Dear SBISD families and staff,

Amidst the ongoing Covid-19 health crisis, I remain committed to keeping you informed about updates, new information and guidance we receive that impact the operations of our school district now and for the future. I’m also committed to continuing to celebrate whenever possible. Today, I’m pleased to do both!   

Outdoor Graduation Dates 

During Governor Abbott’s press conference yesterday, Texas Education Agency Commissioner Mike Morath provided updated guidance about graduation ceremonies for the Class of 2020. We were excited to learn that school districts may now plan to hold outdoor graduation ceremonies beginning June 1, while abiding by very strict health and safety guidelines. Happily, we can plan to honor our seniors with an experience that more closely aligns to our traditional graduation celebration.

We are pleased to share the new dates for Class of 2020 graduation ceremonies. All ceremonies will be held outdoors at Tully Stadium at 7 p.m., and high schools will share more specific information as our plans continue to develop.

SBISD Class of 2020

Outdoor Graduation Schedule
Tully Stadium, 1050 Dairy Ashford

7:00 p.m.
(as of May, 6, 2020)

Monday, June 1
Memorial High School

Tuesday, June 2
Northbrook High School

Wednesday, June 3
Stratford High School

Thursday, June 4
Spring Woods High School

Friday, June 5
City of Houston Event (TBA)

Saturday, June 6
Westchester Academy

Saturday, June 6
Rain Date (times TBA, if needed)

It is important for our families to understand there will be many caveats and restrictions connected to successfully holding these outdoor ceremonies amidst the ongoing pandemic. Attendance will be limited, and other restrictions and guidelines will apply.  Yesterday’s guidance was specific in affirming should there be a spike or any kind of surge in Covid-19 numbers, we could be directed to cancel these celebrations. We hope that won’t be the case! 



National Teacher Appreciation Week - Celebrating our Teachers

Our Class of 2020 students would not be who they are – prepared to achieve T-2-4 at the next level of their education – were it not for the amazing teachers they have had along the way.

As we celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Week, we cannot say thanks enough times, or in sufficient ways, to our 2,200 teachers for all they do on behalf of our 35,000 students. As parents, I’m sure you share my sentiments that teaching a whole classroom of children may have seemed a lot easier until we had to do it ourselves!

I appreciate how much positive local and national media there has been to recognize and celebrate teachers, whom many are viewing as also being on the front lines of this epidemic. As was noted in a USA Today article on Monday, educators across the country have risen above - not only supporting students, but also serving in “other impromptu roles: video editor, device distributor, tech support, meal site worker, car parade driver, side-walk chalk writer, window waver.”

Please continue to share your kind words on social media. Tag SBISD and use the #Thankateacher hashtag.  It means so much for them to hear from you!

As Dr. Craft noted in her Digital Backpack message on Sunday, we also thank you, our SBISD families, every day, and especially now. You are our children’s first and most important teachers and our most important partners. Thank you for emphasizing the importance of education in your homes, for asking your children about their day and what they are learning, and for making sure they read and write every single day!


National School Nurse Day 

Today, there’s another very special group of individuals we celebrate with thanks and deep appreciation. It’s National School Nurse Day and a great opportunity for us to celebrate our incredible SBISD nurses.

One way SBISD prioritizes our students’ health and wellness is by having a registered nurse on every one of our campuses. During regular times, these caring nurses are the ones who comfort our little ones when they scrape their knees on the playground, help support the health of our most fragile students, all while making sure those who need medications during the school day receive them on time in a healthy way. And, they do so much more! Please give a shout out to our awesome school nurses on social media! #ThanksSBISDNurses

Now, more than ever, our school nurses are critically important. While they supported our campus communities at the start of this pandemic, when we are able to return to school, we will deeply rely on their expertise and support.  I am confident there will be health-related changes to our practices to ensure we have the healthiest and safest schools possible.


Finishing Strong 

As we look ahead to just a few more weeks of school, please know that we know how hard it is to balance taking care of your kids, taking care of your work, taking care of your family and making sure learning continues.  It’s not getting easier—in fact, it’s probably getting harder.

As a former college athlete, the concept of finishing strong has always been part of my mentality. So, let’s work together over the next few weeks to make sure that we leverage our Collective Greatness to help our kids and each other to finish strong.

We will continue to keep you informed as we learn more about both our 2020 graduation ceremonies and summer and back to school guidelines. Take care and stay well.



Jennifer Blaine, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

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