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My SBISD Story: Impacting children through teaching continues to be Lisa Calloway’s goal after 25 years


After 25 years in Spring Branch ISD, Lisa Calloway reflects on her time as a teacher at Westwood Elementary. 

“While at Westwood, I have grown as a teacher, a leader and a person,” said Calloway. “SBISD provides excellent training and growth opportunities, and is a community that supports and helps each other.” 

Calloway notes that her passion for teaching began during her time working at a daycare. After graduating from college, she became a substitute teacher and eventually became a teacher at Westwood. There, she has taught kindergarten, second, third and fourth grade. 

Her ultimate goal continues to be to impact children through teaching. 

“My students inspire me to be the best teacher that I can be,” added Calloway. “Every Child deserves a meaningful education and to know they matter.” 

Calloway also thanks her mentors for constantly motivating her to step out of her comfort zone. She notes that their guidance has helped her take on more leadership roles and develop into the well-rounded teacher she is today. 

SBISD’s professional development opportunities have also been valuable to Calloway as the various classes offered have helped her acquire new skills. Additionally, they have helped her become more efficient in bringing technology into the classroom and redesigning student learning. 

“We are here to help children overcome their struggles and celebrate their successes,” concluded Calloway. “I encourage everyone to get involved and become part of the school community. Don’t be afraid to ask questions because there will always be someone willing to help!” 

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