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My SBISD Story: Roll with it! Katie Redd encourages others to not be discouraged by a change in plans



As a student at Spring Woods High School (SWHS), Katie Redd never considered a career in education. It wasn’t until she came home from college her freshman year that she got her start in Spring Branch ISD’s Community Engagement department. 

“If you had told me in high school that I would be working as a community engagement specialist, I would have said, ‘what is a community engagement specialist?’” said Redd. 

During her time at SWHS, Redd’s mentor as part of the Collegiate Challenge Mentor Program was Linda Buchman, Associate Superintendent for Communications and Community Engagement in SBISD. That summer after Redd’s freshman year, Buchman needed support in her department after a member of the team went on leave and asked her to help. 

Redd has now been part of the Community Engagement team for nearly nine years. 

Upon graduating from SWHS, Redd attended Bryn Mawr College as a Posse Scholar, transferred to Lone Star College , and later to Texas State University, earning a political science degree. She notes that despite change being scary at the time, she persevered with confidence.  

While in college, Redd worked at Texas State University’s Institute for Government Innovation, a government consulting agency. In this position, she developed public speaking, team building, and program management skills, which she uses daily in her current role. 

As a community engagement specialist, Redd helps support programs to engage the community and foster the growth and development of Every Child

In SBISD, Redd has learned many important skills. She mentions that the 5Ps: Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance, drives her work, but the most important skill she has learned is relationship-building. By making connections with colleagues, campus staff, and community partners, she has helped create exciting opportunities for students and teachers such as Teachers Driving Success. 

“One of the programs I am most proud of is Teachers Driving Success,” added Redd. “With the support of Abby Walker, SBISD Director of Community Engagemement, we developed the program which recognizes a superlative teacher once a month. The winner receives a gas gift card and gift basket courtesy of a Sterling McCall dealership. We wanted it to be more than just ‘teacher of the month’ and I think we accomplished that based on how excited the teachers are when we surprise them.” 

Redd continues to be motivated to keep growing. She was the first in her family to graduate college and is currently obtaining a master’s degree in public administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Redd recently became a mom and notes that her son encourages her to continue striving to reach her goals. 

Both professionally and personally, Redd embodies SBISD's Core Values, as her Limitless Curiosity empowers her to never stop learning and her Collective Greatness inspires her to actively work alongside the community to bring infinite possibilities.

“I want my son, and everyone, to know that no matter how much the ‘plan’ changes, your goals are important and you can make an impact on the world, even if it is just within the 44 square miles of SBISD,” added Redd. 

She encourages everyone to find a professional mentor, as her mentors have helped her develop strengths she thought she would never have. 

“Looking back now, I would tell my high school self that change is scary, but it is worth it,” concluded Redd. “Transferring schools is not as scary as it sounds. Moving away and moving back home is not a failure. Your plans will change, likely for the better, just roll with it!” 

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