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My SBISD Story: William "Tony" Ervin



A Heartfelt Journey of Service and Connection in Spring Branch ISD

Among the heroes of Spring Branch Independent School District (SBISD) is William "Tony" Ervin, a receiving clerk in the central warehouse. Responsible for handling the inventory of custodial supplies, textbooks, and more, Tony's role impacts each corner of the district, fostering lines of communication between the various administrative offices and campuses. 

Tony's impact goes beyond his job at the warehouse, though. After work, he is a dedicated bus driver who ensures kids return home safely daily – a responsibility he thoroughly enjoys and takes to heart.

"My favorite part of my job – whether it's visiting the campuses as a receiving clerk or driving the bus, is interacting with SBISD students," said Tony. 

Wearing his multiple hats, Tony has become a familiar and trusted figure throughout the district. 

Developing a passion for service 

Tony's full-time path to working at SBISD is winding, with several twists and turns. 

Before joining the school district, his career was paved with various experiences that have shaped his passion for service. 

He spent a portion of his career as a bus driver for the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO). A few years later, he shifted gears entirely to work alongside his wife for a Christian-based early education provider owned and operated by a Spring Branch-area church. 

As a minister, Tony thought he had landed the ideal position. It was a role that helped him develop a deep passion to help children succeed in all walks of life. The experience also allowed him to serve the Spring Branch community, where he built relationships with many of the schools and students he serves today. 

A fork in the road 

Unfortunately for Tony, circumstances would change, and he would eventually be laid off from the position he loved so much. 

"It was the lowest point in my life – to be without a job and to feel like I didn't have purpose," said Tony. 

That's when he learned that SBISD was looking for bus drivers. He knew he was qualified for the job because he had his commercial driver's license from his days at METRO. 

Soon after, SBISD hired Tony as a bus driver. He also took on a second job – working on trucks in the warehouse. 

While working in his second job, he learned that the SBISD warehouse was looking for a receiving clerk, the position Tony holds today. 

"If it weren't for a chance encounter while working on the tires of various district vehicles in the tire shop, I wouldn't be where I am today," said Tony. "My experience with SBISD came full circle, and I feel extremely fortunate to be here."

And now that he has been an SBISD employee for more than a decade, Tony is grateful for the fork in the road that brought him here. 

"The school district is much more than a workplace to me. It's a family and a diverse melting pot where everyone comes together to achieve a common goal: helping students succeed," said Tony. He sees SBISD as a community that uplifts and supports one another through all the highs and lows.

Light in the darkness 

Tony was a shining example during the COVID-19 pandemic, undoubtedly one of the most challenging times for school districts. He wanted to be a source of positivity for his colleagues and the SBISD community to help them navigate an uncertain time. 

Leveraging the power of social media, Tony shared uplifting messages to boost the morale of his district colleagues, providing them with doses of optimism when they needed them the most. 

"No matter what life throws at me, I try to stay upbeat, and during those early days of COVID, I wanted to be a light and share hope with others," Tony said.  

A source of inspiration 

Tony's desire to help others undoubtedly stems from his late mother. One can tell just by speaking to him the love and admiration he held for her. 

His mother had a segment on a gospel radio station many years ago. At the end of her broadcast, she would leave her listeners with the following words: 

"Reach out and touch somebody's life while you're passing because you will never pass this way again. You can make a difference."  

It is this profound and powerful message Tony carries with him each day as it serves as a source of inspiration and motivation in interacting with administrators, staff, and students.

Outside of his duties as a receiving clerk in the SBISD central warehouse and as a bus driver, Tony is a devoted husband, married for nearly 25 years. He is also a father of four and grandfather of six, roles that have furthered his love for kids. 

Tony's journey is not merely a career path but a heartfelt narrative of service, connection, and a positive mark on the lives he touches at home and across SBISD. Guided by the enduring wisdom of his mother's words, Tony embodies the spirit of making a difference every day. 

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