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National Gold and Silver: Students medal in national art and writing competition

MHS Vallery Orr, Gold Medal -- The Juggle


Nine Spring Branch ISD students are among a select group of high school artists and writers from across the country who earned medals in a variety of mediums in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards 2021 competition. 

This year 1,917 pieces were selected for Gold or Silver distinctions, many of which will be featured in the 2021 The Best Teen Art publication and posted online in the Scholastic Art & Writing Gallery

Congratulations to these outstanding artists. See photos of their award-winning work here.

Spring Woods High School

Kass Kujawa, Gold Medal, them bones
Kylia Ruben, Silver Medal, i’m an open book, not really

Memorial High School

Emeline Moss, Silver Medal, The Green Room
Vallery Orr, Gold Medal, The Juggle    
Vallery Orr, Gold Medal, Personal Renaissance
Emily Morse, Silver Medal, Dirt Nap
Renae Wang, Gold Medal, Gentle Giant    
Nadya Raksi, Gold Medal, Longing for Normal
Madeline Stieglitz, Gold Medal, Pressure

Spring Branch Academic Institute

Alex Zhang, Silver Medal, Blaze

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, founded in 1923, have inspired bold ideas in creative teens throughout the country for nearly a century.  

Luminaries in the visual arts and literary worlds, including many former Scholastic Art medalists, judge the students’ creations. Judges look for works that exemplify originality, technical skill and the emergence of personal voice or vision. 

Medalists are eligible to apply for several scholarships targeted to honor creativity.

Art teacher Rebekah Tee was thrilled when, for the first time, students from Spring Woods High School were announced as medalists in the national awards. 

“Does anyone have any ankle weights I can borrow?” Tee wrote on Twitter when the awards were recently announced. “I’ve been floating in excitement!”