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National Merit® Scholarship Program names 29 Spring Branch ISD semifinalists, more than 70 students represented in College Board National Recognition Programs 



The National Merit® Scholarship Program has announced the 2022-23 semifinalists and 29 Spring Branch ISD students made the list. 

“We congratulate our students and their teachers on this tremendous accomplishment,” said Dr. Kristin Craft, Associate Superintendent for Academics. “The recognition of 29 semifinalists is a record-high number for Spring Branch ISD. Earning this national distinction demonstrates each student’s commitment to and persistence through rigorous coursework resulting in an exceptional academic record throughout high school.” 

The National Merit® Scholarship Program, conducted by National Merit Scholarship Corporation, is an annual academic competition for recognition and college undergraduate scholarships. Since 1955, they have awarded more than 450,000 scholarships to over 3.4 million students. 

Scholarship winners are chosen based on their abilities, skills, and accomplishments as well as their Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT®) results. Semifinalists now have the opportunity to continue the competition to receive a scholarship. Approximately 7,250 scholarships worth nearly $28 million will be awarded in the spring. To become a finalist, students must submit a detailed scholarship application demonstrating their academic and leadership abilities. 

About 16,000 students nationwide were selected as semifinalists, representing less than one percent of United States high school seniors. SBISD had 18 semifinalists in 2022, which marks a 61% increase in student honorees. 

This year's semifinalists are from Memorial High School, Spring Branch Academic Institute, Stratford High School and Westchester Academy for International Studies. These students now have an opportunity to qualify for National Merit® Finalist awards, which will be announced in February 2023.

2023 National Merit® Scholarship Semifinalists include: 

  • Memorial High School: 
    • Daphne Chen 
    • Xinyi Fu 
    • Chase Goodwin 
    • Stephanie Han 
    • Sarah Hwang 
    • Jonathan Ji 
    • Heesoo Kim 
    • Ayush Kothari 
    • Emma Linscomb 
    • Aiden Madaffri
    • Bradley Marrs 
    • Ameya Matele 
    • Camilla Pearson 
    • John Scafide 
    • Alexa Shields 
    • Sarah Son 
    • Meredith Vajdos 
    • Humphrey Xu 
    • Richard Ye 
    • Joshua Yue 
    • Logan Zaozirny 
    • Yundi Zeng 
    • Kaitlyn Zhu 
  • Spring Branch Academic Institute: 
    • Katrina Kasyan 
    • Matthew Seiler 
    • William Youngblood 
  • Stratford High School: 
    • Susanna Gauderman 
    • Caleb Xu 
  • Westchester Academy for International Studies: 
    • Annabel Endicott 

SBISD students are also represented in the College Board National Recognition Programs, which award academic honors to underrepresented students and connect them with universities across the country. 

Students with a 3.5 GPA or higher, who identify as African American or Black, Hispanic American or Latino, or Indigenous, take the PSAT/NMSQT® in October of their junior year and achieve the minimum requested scores, are invited to apply for the national recognition.

Congratulations to these students for the following recognitions: 

National Hispanic Recognition Recipients

Memorial High School:

  • Alexander Buheis
  • Alyssa Landa
  • Ana Rizo-Patron
  • Ava McCord
  • Barbara Guajardo
  • Carolina Noyola
  • Catalina Cortes
  • Diana Puerta
  • Eduardo Aguado
  • Franshesca Arnao Perez
  • Garrett Behan
  • Jackson Rinehart
  • Kassidy Kitchel
  • Liliana Trevino
  • Luke Mendez
  • Madeline Stieglitz
  • Marc Del Amo
  • Patrick Jamison
  • Raquel Olivares
  • Sebastian Warren
  • Stephen Powers
  • Sydney Perlick
  • Tiago Sousa 

Northbrook High School:

  • Cesar Alvarado-Hernandez
  • Angel Campos-Castelan
  • Erick Lucero
  • Dalia Nambo
  • Kimberly Villalta
  • Samuel Jimenez
  • Sarah Jimenez

YES Prep at Northbrook High School:

  • Daniel Guillen
  • Emmanuel Zapata
  • Jorge Garcia
  • Lizabeth Valencia
  • Noemi Hernandez

Spring Woods High School:

  • Daniel Ramirez
  • Denise Sanchez
  • Gia Atzin
  • Ian Sotuyo
  • Isaac Gutierrez-Lopez
  • Jesus Silva
  • John Hernandez
  • Kaylie Dyer
  • Kevin Soto
  • Luke Zermeno 

 Stratford High School:

  • Ana Salmain
  • Anna Sanchez
  • Cordelia Portales
  • Dany Sosa
  • Edward Tejada
  • Emily Mica
  • Gabriela Ocampo
  • Gabriela Mirza
  • Hannah Moreida
  • Isabel Keery
  • Juan Pablo Zambrano
  • Luis Heredia
  • Nicholas Castro
  • Sophia Benner
  • Victoria Jimenez
  • William Jones

Westchester Academy for International Studies:

  • Alexander Guzman
  • Andrea Mejia
  • Ashley Diaz
  • Camila Trujillo
  • Mohammed Moaz Elsayad
  • Philippine Brossard
  • Roy Guajardo
  • Sarah Pena
  • Stayce Mejia Garcia
  • Victor Perez

National African American Recognition Recipients

Memorial High School:

  • Tiago Sousa 

Spring Woods High School:

  • Micah Jenkins 

Stratford High School:

  • Asia Mackey
  • Brianna George 

Westchester Academy for International Studies:

  • Jonathan Barnes 

National Indigenous Recognition Recipient

Stratford High School:

  • Zachary Prudhomme

Congratulations to all our semifinalists and recognition program recipients! These students will be recognized at the SBISD Board of Trustees regular meeting on Oct. 17.