Spring Branch ISD Featured News

New turf field complete at Northbrook High School

As part of the continuing Bond 2017 upgrades throughout Spring Branch ISD, a new synthetic turf field was installed over the summer at Northbrook High School (NHS). This home venue was nicknamed Victory Field by the school’s athletics department as a place where great successes will take place.

With rapidly changing Gulf Coast weather events, synthetic turf fields allow for immediate practice and play for physical education, band, or athletics teams.

Northbrook High School head football coach and Campus Athletic Director, Andres Gomez


“It is a great source of pride for our kids to have a beautiful, perfect field to call our home,” head football coach and Campus Athletic Director Andres Gomez said. “The turf field has been unbelievably convenient. It was a pleasure to know that although it rained on two of the days of [freshman football] camp, we didn’t have to check the field conditions or adjust our practices.” 

As the Northbrook High School football teams prepare for the upcoming season, practicing daily on the new turf field, the coaching staff and players have set goals to grow the program and make the community proud.

“We know that by hustling and competing relentlessly we embody the spirit of our students who overcome many obstacles on a daily basis to continue to get ahead,” Gomez said. “We also plan to have fun and enjoy the privilege of participating in the greatest high school football state area and state in the country.”

Coach Gomez arrived at Northbrook High School from coaching stints in five surrounding districts.

“I vividly remember the moment I heard that this job became available, and something inside me instantly told me I should pursue it,” Gomez said. “I have enjoyed the last 18 months as the Campus Athletic Director at NHS because the challenges that were thrown at us were enough to teach me how to handle a variety of situations. I have never had a school year in which I have grown or learned so much.”

Additional Bond 2017 upgrades at Northbrook High School

Extensive work over the summer not only has the turf field ready for the football teams, but an impressive school entrance, new roofing and gym upgrades are nearing completion. A two-story classroom wing for the 47-year-old school is also under construction and will be ready to occupy in Spring 2022.