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Once an Eagle, always an Eagle. Memorial Middle celebrates 60 Years


Memorial Middle School Celebrates 60 from SBISD on Vimeo.


Memorial Middle School marked a momentous occasion as it celebrated its 60th Founders’ Day this month.

With the melodies of the fine arts program setting the tone, guests were welcomed and ushered into an atmosphere of reflection and gratitude. Amidst the various activities planned for the day, such as tours and mingling, a formal presentation took center stage, honoring the remarkable accomplishments of current and former staff, and their shared commitment to serving the community’s children.

The most moving moments of the program came when school administrators, past and present, were singled out and thanked for their guidance and leadership. Those in attendance included current school principal, Ellen Green, and former principals Lisa Weir and Sofia Petrou. Each was commended for their remarkable contributions to the success of Memorial Middle School. Memorial Middle School’s different faculties also received well-deserved appreciation for their various roles in ensuring the school's success. 

Teachers, support staff, and students both past and present, were commended for their significant contributions in maintaining the vibrancy of the school. The administration's office was applauded for ensuring the smooth running of the campus, while the nurses and counselors received thanks for prioritizing the students' well-being.

Student emcees also recognized the indispensable contributions of the custodial and food service staff, recalling with nostalgia how their cinnamon rolls had always made Thanksgiving even more special. The school's police officers were also honored for their unwavering commitment to keeping the school safe and secure for everyone.

The celebrations ended on a high note, with everyone present feeling a deep sense of pride in Memorial Middle School, a school whose commitment to excellence has kept growing over the years. Everyone, whether past, present, or future, was reminded of the everlasting bond with the school, an undying relationship with this exceptional institution, which is one of the many that make Spring Branch ISD an extraordinary school district. 

As Principal Ellen Green wisely put it, "Once an Eagle, always an Eagle."

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