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Dictionary Project helps third graders become lifelong learners


As part of Spring Branch ISD’s annual Dictionary Project program, third graders across the district have been receiving dictionaries to enhance literacy skills and expand their vocabulary. 

Since 2004, program sponsors have been presenting third graders at SBISD elementary schools with dictionaries they can keep and take home. Annually, sponsors hold presentations where they explain why dictionaries are a valuable resource to students and how to use them.  

During the presentations, sponsors play games with students to get them familiarized with the dictionaries. They also help students discover other elements the dictionaries offer, including sign language, information about each state and even biographies of United States presidents. 

“Dictionaries help students get familiarized with new words, learn how to spell and foster reading comprehension,” said Sarah Salas, Sherwood Elementary principal. “This is a great initiative that provides Every Child with the right tools to be Academically Prepared.” 

Students are excited to receive their new dictionaries and thrilled to begin using them. 

“A dictionary helps you search for words that you do not understand,” said Emerson, a student at Sherwood. “It will help me be a better reader and improve my spelling.” 

Megan Carpenter, health fitness teacher at Sherwood, mentioned that dictionaries are essential in a student’s educational path as it helps them reinforce the content they are already learning. 

“Literacy is everywhere,” said Carpenter. “One of my student's favorite activities is spelling out words. They get into groups and have to run across the gymnasium to take the letters to their team, then they create as many words as they can. It is the perfect mix between literacy and physical education.” 

Jayce, a student at Wilchester Elementary, was thrilled to receive a dictionary this year and can’t wait to use it. 

“I’m excited to use this dictionary because I will learn more advanced words and will expand my vocabulary,” said Jayce. “I will read through it at home and will come to school even more prepared than before!” 

Literacy is a priority in Spring Branch ISD, not only in early grades, but in every grade. Initiatives like the Dictionary Project support a balanced literacy approach, giving students the best opportunity to achieve T-2-4 success and to become lifelong learners always in the pursuit of knowledge. 

Thank you to this year’s Dictionary Project sponsors: 

  • Germaine Champion
  • Houston CPA Society
  • Katherine Dawson and Chris Gonzalez 
  • Larry & Patricia McDowell 
  • Magness Orthodontics
  • Pam Goodson
  • Ridgecrest Alumni of 1982
  • Spring Branch Area Retired School Employees 
  • Spring Branch Lions Club 
  • The Cathedral of Our Lady of Walsingham 
  • Theresa Kosmoski 
  • Valley Oaks PTA 
  • Village Republican Women 
  • Wallis Bank
  • West Houston Chinese Church
  • West Houston Republican Women 

To learn more about becoming a Dictionary Project sponsor contact partner@springbranchisd.com. 

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