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Publishing Party inspires creativity among third graders at Wilchester Elementary


Wilchester Elementary third grade students recently participated in their annual Publishing Party, an event dedicated to showcasing their own written pieces. 

“It’s a great way to culminate the year and celebrate all they have accomplished as writers,” said Kristen Shankles, Wilchester English teacher and event coordinator. “They have the opportunity to display their preferred written work, and it is exciting to see how proud they are of it.”

During the event, students were encouraged to read each other’s work and provide feedback. Parents were also invited to attend and read their students’ work. 

Crystella Chu, a participating third grader, notes that she “had a lot of fun” reading her classmates’ stories and was excited to share her own. Other students shared how writing has inspired their creativity. 

Shankles notes that the Publishing Party has been ongoing for many years at Wilchester. 

“I’m happy that we are getting back in the swing of some of our traditions,” added Shankles. “COVID put many things on pause, but through events like this, we can continue to engage our students and families in the Wilchester traditions.”


View the full photo album of the event.