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Connecting with families through Caissa K12


SBISD is excited to announce a collaboration with Caissa K12 to support student recruitment efforts.

We're sharing this news with you because we want to ensure our families and community feel informed and supported.

Caissa K12's main focus will be on reconnecting with students and families who have previously been part of our district. Their approach will involve friendly phone calls, visits from field teams and other forms of direct communication with parents of past and potential students. If any of our staff or teachers receive inquiries about this outreach, they'll be introduced as "Enrollment Specialists on behalf of Spring Branch ISD," so you'll know they're here to help.

Unlike other firms that charge for services regardless of outcomes, Caissa K12 operates on a results-driven model. This means that if SBISD doesn't observe an increase in student enrollment that can be directly attributed to Caissa K12, the district isn't obligated to make any payment for their services. Conversely, should Caissa's campaign effectively drive enrollment, SBISD will only incur a modest per-student cost for the recruitment service.

Feel free to reach out to communications@springbranchisd.com if you'd like more information.  

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SBISD has partnered with Caissa K12. Caissa K12 will outreach to families with children who were previously enrolled in SBISD. This will involve friendly phone calls, visits from our field teams, and other direct communications with parents of current, past, and potential students. Learn more: www.springbranchisd.com/caissa