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Refreshed mural showcases 'TIGER Pride' and Collaborative Spirit



Recently, Spring Woods High School students brought their school pride to life through the medium of paint and brush. Their artful endeavor represents more than just school pride; it is a testament to the strength of their Collaborative Spirit.

Their impressive new mural adorns the corridor wall outside the main auditorium at Spring Woods. The mural, which replaced a faded eight-year-old painting, captures not only the attention of the journalism students, but it also has sparked interest throughout the local community.

This artistic initiative commenced when Josh Ault, the school's journalism teacher, observed the old mural's wear and tear. He proposed a collaborative effort with the Art Jox Club and their instructor, Katie Cunningham, to craft a refreshing design.

“We dedicated after-school hours and several Saturdays to the project,” said Cunningham. “Students braved the elements to ensure the mural was finished in time for the unveiling at the Shrek play. We saw this as a great way to surprise the community and bring them into the transformation.”

Each contributing artist made their mark by signing a special dedication section of the mural on Jan. 26, marking not only the completion of the project but also the commencement of a new chapter in the school’s legacy.

“The timing was perfect, and the project was an amazing way to honor our student's tenacity and Collaborative Spirit,” said Cunningham.

Strategically placed in one of the school's most frequented areas, the work stands resilient against harsh weather conditions. Its vibrant hues shine brightly, encapsulating the perseverance and unity that define the school’s student body.

Congratulations to the talented mural artists - Johanna St. Clair, Hyunchae (Lucy) Kim, Yair Hernandez, Malachi Vasquez, Anton Kiess, Zoe Ellingson, Luke Zermeno, Emmanuel Sanchez, Parichad Boanaom, Ezequiel Landin, Lee Torres and Ariana Lopez. Their individual artistic skills are distinctly showcased in this amazing work.