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Safety and security message from SBISD Chief of Police

Ensure online safety for kids

Keeping kids safe online – we call it Cyber Safety, and it’s something everyone –especially parents – needs to know about in this age of instant access to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Technology is a part of our students' lives, both in and out of the classroom.

How do schools ensure kids are safe online? How do parents ensure kids are safe while still having access to the tools and resources they need? This month’s message aims to answer these questions while providing a little support and guidance on the topic.

In SBISD, we strive to build the skills, knowledge and access to information necessary for student success. One way we support student learning is to provide access to a range of content and instructional resources housed on the Internet.

We filter that content as required by the Children’s Internet Protection Act.  We also work to instill in all learners the importance of safety,  personal responsibility, and general user awareness while online. We call this Digital Citizenship, and it’s a critical skill every student needs.

If you’re interested in Digital Citizenship resources, here’s a great website on the topic. It offers videos that can serve as talking points or conversation starters for parents.

Beyond the school day, students have access to online content that’s not filtered, and that’s easily accessible from cellphones, laptops or their friend’s computers – all the time. This access makes it critically Important for parents to monitor and to understand what your children are viewing online.

Below are links to websites and resources that promote Internet safety for users of all ages. We encourage you to review this information and use it to talk with your child(ren) about online safety.

Taking the time to develop a shared expectation about online behavior is an excellent step in supporting a student’s digital experience and protecting your child against a range of cyber threats.

Remember, helping students become safe and responsible citizens is a collaborative effort between parents and the school district. Thank you for your support.

In closing, I invite you to take a few moments to review the videos below and listen to a special welcome message from the new SBISD Director of Safety and Security, Randolph Adami. Director Adami is a long-time member of the SBISD Team with over 30 years of service to the district.


Bruce Dareing
Chief of Police
Spring Branch ISD Police