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SBISD employees and community shine through awards



The IAMSBISD award is a special designation of honor for employees who go above and beyond in support of one or more of our five Core Values- Every Child, Collective Greatness, Collaborative Spirit, Limitless Curiosity and Moral Compass.

All SBISD nurses were honored at the Nov. 16 Board of Trustees meeting for their efforts to serve the SBISD family by diligently working as frontline leaders in our system to ensure a safe learning and work environment for all.

During special remarks, Karen Heeth, Assoc. Superintendent for Administration & Talent, detailed how grateful the district is for the nurse’s daily efforts. “We’re very excited to honor our nurses, who have been working on the frontlines; from greeting kids and staff, training them on safety and health protocols for COVID-19, to doing daily health screenings. This was an opportunity to rise up, and this group does it every morning. Our nurses are the heartbeat of SBISD.”



Heroes for Children Award: Robert Westheimer

The State Board of Education's Heroes for Children Award recognizes Texas residents who have made outstanding contributions to student learning or who have demonstrated sustained periods of involvement and support of public education.

Community member Robert Westheimer, founder of Newspring, received this award in September. He worked closely with the district to establish a visual arts program where students’ artistic talents were celebrated and reinforced through mentoring by professional artists, including painters, sculptors, graphic artists, photographers, architects, and muralists.

Newspring conducts art auctions featuring SBISD students’ artwork, with 100 percent of the proceeds going back to the students. To date, the sales have generated $160,000 in income and, most of all, encouragement for the students to stay in school and achieve T-2-4.



GENYOUth’s Genny Award: Ann King, Westchester Academy

Each year, GENYOUth’s Genny Awards go to honorees who are champions for youth health and wellness. Their leadership, passion, partnership and support of GENYOUth’s programs empower students to be change agents for health, wellness and academic achievement.

At the December 2019 GENYOUth Gala, Ann King from Westchester Academy was honored with a Genny Award for her tireless work as a physical educator in SBISD.

GENYOUth was cofounded in 2010 by the National Football League and National Dairy Council. Its mission is to equip, empower and engage school communities to be healthier, and to enable students to lead high-achieving lives.




Science & Engineering Fair Teacher of the Year: Dr. Mohammad Haidar, Spring Branch Academic Institute

The Science & Engineering Fair of Houston serves as the regional fair for all junior and senior high school students in Harris County and 22 surrounding counties. The educational activities sponsored by the fair complement the rapidly growing demand for students with technical skills.

In February 2020, Dr. Mohammad Haidar from Spring Branch Academic Institute was named the Teacher of the Year in the junior division. Dr. Haidar is the first SBISD middle school teacher in several decades to earn this prestigious regional recognition from science education peers.



American Heart Association ‘Open Door’ Award: Pamela Thompson, Health Fitness Department

The ‘Open-Door’ Award, given by the American Heart Association, honors a Kids Heart Challenge or American Heart Challenge volunteer who has helped bring other peers into the program.

SBISD’s Pamela Thompson from the Health Fitness Department was honored with this award in August 2020.




America’s Healthiest Schools Award: Spring Shadows Elementary

The America’s Healthiest Schools Award, given by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, recently named 518 schools from 21 states as “America’s Healthiest Schools.” These schools earn the organization’s award at the Bronze, Silver or Gold level, based on the number of best practices they have implemented relating to children’s health.

In attendance at the Nov. 16 meeting to accept this award on behalf of the Spring Shadows team was Principal Raymond Stubblefield. Congratulations to Spring Shadows Elementary for earning this honor!