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SBISD March Athletics Spotlight: Joaquin Cuevas


“Cuevas has been an outstanding player for this program since he first set foot on the field his freshman year as a starter for the varsity team,” said Northbrook High School Baseball Coach Daniel Steffen. “It has been an exciting ride for the four years we have spent together as coach and player. I am very proud of the young man he has become.”

What sport do you participate in and why did you decide to begin participating? I participate in baseball because I have been playing since I was about five years old.  

What do you like most about participating in athletics at Northbrook High School? The connections I have made with my coaches and fellow teammates.

What Core Characteristic(s) have you developed most by being part of this activity? One of the biggest characteristics I have developed while playing baseball is Persistent and Adaptable because you never know how the situation of the game is going to change at any given moment.

How has your coach helped you? He has shown me that no matter what goes on with my team and the game, to always look for the positive and help bring up my teammates.

What has been your favorite moment participating in baseball at Northbrook High? By far my favorite moment playing baseball was beating Memorial High School my junior year while I was pitching.

How do you think participating in athletics has prepared you for life after high school?  It has definitely helped me out a lot because it has really shown me how to communicate well with others and be a team player.

Will you continue to play sports after high school? My plan after high school is to attend Blinn College and study digital design and animation, and get my associates degree.  Then transfer to another school and get my bachelor's degree.