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SBISD Proudly Showcases Achievements in Career and Technical Education



In Spring Branch ISD, our Career and Technical Education (CTE) students are continually setting new benchmarks of excellence with their remarkable accomplishments throughout each academic year.

CTE programming opens avenues for students to delve into highly sought-after career fields and secure certifications, preparing them for the competitive workforce ahead. This school year, our CTE students have showcased their talents across a broad spectrum of disciplines setting high standards of excellence.

Their hard work has not only earned them prestigious recognitions but has also laid a strong foundation for future students aiming to follow in their successful footsteps.

“In the expanding realm of Career and Technical Education our students are not just acquiring skills; they are crafting futures, setting standards of excellence, and becoming pioneers in diverse fields," said Christina RiceImumwen SBISD's Director of Career and Technical Education. "Their achievements resonate as a testament to dedication and tireless effort, showcasing the Limitless Curiosity and potential within our educational community.”

Our students have shone brightly, with accolades in diverse areas including Filmmaking, Teaching, Economics, Speech, Graphic Design, Programming, Entrepreneurship, and Health Science, among others. These achievements are a testament to their dedication and tireless effort. 

  • Click here to view our CTE Students and Programs Recognition booklet to view a complete listing of honorees. 

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to these outstanding students for their exceptional achievements. Their journey is an inspiration to us all.

Thank you to our CTE educators for their hard work to support and enrich the legacy of SBISD's CTE program. 

  • Click here to visit the SBISD CTE website to learn more.