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SBISD’s 2022 Principals of the Year announced

Meadow Wood Elementary Principal Lynne Barry and Spring Oaks Middle School Principal Mary Lou Davalos were recently named as Spring Branch ISD’s Elementary and Secondary Principals of the Year.

Earlier this week, SBISD Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Blaine revealed the two winners during a surprise announcement at a monthly principal’s meeting.

SBISD Principals of the Year are nominated by their principal peers, based on several key criteria:

  • Concern for all staff and students and the ability to inspire both groups
  • Ability and willingness to work cooperatively with all staff and administrators
  • Proven drive to initiate and implement effective strategies supporting continuous improvement in student performance
  • Ability to work with diverse community groups and all district stakeholders
  • Proven desire for continuous personal and professional growth
  • Ability and willingness to make meaningful contributions to education

Daily, these principals demonstrate not only exemplary leadership, but also a commitment to Every Child they serve. With their love, pride and dedication, these leaders are the embodiment of the district Core Values and model the Core Characteristics SBISD aims to instill in students.

Lynne Barry

Elementary Principal of the Year
Lynne Barry, Meadow Wood Elementary

A 20-year veteran of Spring Branch ISD, Lynne Barry has served as principal of Meadow Wood Elementary (MWE) for three years.

For her, daily inspiration comes from the students that walk the halls and fill the classrooms at Meadow Wood. Each day, the students she describes as smart, hard-working, kind, funny and all-around awesome bring joy to her job and to the school.

The collaboration between school, parents and community is one of the most enjoyable parts of the job for Barry. “We all work together to make Meadow Wood the best possible environment for our students and families,” she said. “We have deep traditions but are always willing to try new things for the betterment of our children.”

On being recognized by her administrator peers for this honor, Barry said, “I am so humbled and honored that my colleagues, whom I consider the absolute best administrators in the state and nation, nominated me. I truly believe that my teachers and staff also deserve recognition, as they are the ones who make Meadow Wood the amazing place it is. I just get the honor of leading them. This award really is about the incredible work that THEY do daily.”

Prior to becoming principal of Meadow Wood, Barry served students in SBISD as an ESL literacy specialist, assistant principal at Edgewood and Meadow Wood elementary schools and director of Spring Branch Academic Institute.

Barry holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Texas A&M, teaching credentials from Texas A&M, Corpus Christi (formerly Corpus Christi State University), a master’s degree from St. Thomas University and is an alumna of the Rice University Education Entrepreneurship Program (REEP) Business Fellowship.

Mary Lou Davalos

Secondary Principal of the Year
Mary Lou Davalos, Spring Oaks Middle School

With her entire professional career spent in Spring Branch ISD, Mary Lou Davalos now has 26 years in education under her belt. For five of those years, she has served as principal of Spring Oaks Middle School.

The faces Davalos sees at work give her daily motivation, along with the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the students, staff and parents the school serves.

When asked what she loves most about her school, Davalos said, “What I love most about Spring Oaks are the people here, big and small, and how we have worked together to become one big family who truly take care of each other.”

One of the ways this school family takes care of one another is through a school-wide agreement, which is to love each other enough to expect the world out of each other. “Together we can make just about anything better! It has been nice to watch this magic happen every day and in many ways,” she said.

Davalos is honored to have been nominated for this honor by her peers. “Looking at our group of leaders and recognizing the immense talent, this means the world to me coming from a group that does some really amazing things.

“This is a direct result of the lessons I have been taught along the way by the best and brightest, coupled with the excellent support system we all have in our district leaders, and for that I am most grateful. We are only as great as the people around us, so this is for you, Spring Oaks, our super-talented staff, and the best group of students I could ever hope for,” Davalos added.

Before serving as principal of Spring Oaks, Davalos was a teacher at Housman Elementary and Northbrook Middle, an assistant principal at NMS and Housman and then the principal at Housman.

Her undergraduate work was completed at Sam Houston State University followed by graduate school at Prairie View A&M University.